Assassin droid

A B1 battle droid with assassin droid programming.

Assassin droids are specially designed and programmed droids that are capable of carrying out assassinations. They are supposedly programmed with a lot of free thinking and the ability to use weapons of all types. What they actually do varies wildly from game to game, however.

Star Wars: Battlefront series Edit

The Assassin Droid is a CIS sniper class in the original Star Wars: Battlefront, its sequel and the Renegade Squadron, and are the regular sniper class and have the same equipment as their counterparts. They have the lowest health out of all regular classes, but also the highest movement speed. They receive a sand camouflage paintjob on Tatooine and Geonosis maps in order to blend in with their environment.

Their sniper rifle has 56 shots, two levels of scope and fires an instantly-travelling red beam that is usually enough to kill any enemy at full-health, with the exception of Assault Droids, shielded Droidekas and heroes. It is also great for dealing with open turrets, but does especially low damage to vehicles of any kind. After scoring six headshots with it, it will be replaced by an award Beam Rifle that does more damage and can go through several enemies, but is unable to execute headshots.

Their secondary weapon is a common blaster pistol that has infinite ammo but overheats quite quickly. If you manage to kill 6 enemies with it for the award (or get the award permanently), it will be replaced with a far more powerful award pistol with 96 ammo. They also have two common Thermal Detonators and can set up one deployable turret, which will hover in mid-air and shoot at enemies until destroyed. Its damage is equivalent to pistols and it possesses respectable health.

When controlled by the AI, they will usually stay at the more secluded positions away from the frontline, and often don't even get the chance to shoot at all. Even at the larger, more open maps, they tend to wait for inordinate amount of time before firing and will often miss anyway. Should you get up close, they will attack with pistols while retreating and then instantly switch to rifles and shoot once they're at least 5m away. They only set up their turrets on a handful of maps, but will use their detonators against vehicles like everyone else.


Assassin Droid with sand camouflage.

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