Brejik was the leader of the Black Vulkar swoop gang in the Lower City of Taris. He was originally the second-in-command of the Hidden Bek swoop gang, until Gadon Thek, the leader of the Beks lost his eyes in a swoop accident. Brejik expected Thek to step down as leader and pass command on to him, but the older man did not believe that Brejik was ready.

Brejik defected to the Vulkars then, taking with him many of the younger Beks and usurping the leadership of the Vulkars. Shortly after gaining command, Brejik declared a gang war between the two swoop gangs, which lasted until Taris was destroyed.

Brejik was killed when he refused to turn Bastila Shan over to Revan's custody.

Brejik comics

Brejik as he appears in the comics


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