"Go away...One...Two...Smart."

Calo Nord was one of the galaxy's most famous bounty hunters. He lived during the time of the Jedi Civil War, and was killed during the middle of it by the redeemed Revan.

Calo worked for Davik Kang and The Exchange on Taris for several years, until the planet was destroyed. Calo somehow escaped the destruction that the orbiting Sith fleet rained down on the planet. The bounty hunter was hired by Saul Karath to assassinate Revan and capture Bastila Shan. He failed and was killed without completing any of his objectives.

Armor and weaponsEdit

Calo wore a special suit of armor designed specifically for him. It was a very durable suit that was upgradeable to reinforce the strength and also provide some protection from heat, cold, and sound attacks. Calo carried two Mandalorian Heavy Pistols.

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