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"She was aided by Carth Onasi, a decorated war hero of the Republic and a legendary soldier. During the Mandalorian Wars he was honored many times for his bravery."
Saul Karath, speaking of Bastila Shan[src]

Carth Onasi was a loyal soldier and an expert pilot in the Republic Naval Starfighter Corps. He served in the Mandalorian Wars, and after the war's end, Carth planned to leave the service and return to his wife and son on Telos IV. However, tragedy struck and put an end to those plans when Revan and Malak turned on the Republic. During the war, his wife was killed and his son abducted by the Sith in an attack commanded by his former mentor, Admiral Saul Karath.

Knights of the Old RepublicEdit

During the Jedi Civil War, he played a crucial role in the search for the Star Forge, helping the reprogrammed and redeemed Revan save Bastila Shan on Taris and piloting Revan and Shan across the galaxy in the Ebon Hawk and aiding them with whatever they needed along the way. After the Battle of Rakata Prime, Carth was promoted to admiral in the Republic Navy and took a leading role in the Republic recovery effort, following Revan's charge to protect the Republic.

He was a decorated war hero and was the love interest of the non-canonical female Revan.

Knights of the Old Republic IIEdit

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords he followed the Jedi Exile and kept tabs on her as an Admiral of the Republic forces. Carth will only appear as light side, Revan's gender and alignment is determined when the Exile speaks with Atton on Peragus II when he is in the force cage.


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