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Chewbacca is an eight-foot tall Wookiee hero who fights on the Rebel side, often alongside his friend and companion Han Solo. As such, he often appears in the Star Wars-related games.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Edit

Chewbacca appears as a hero in the Star Wars: Battlefront II on the Kashyyk, Yavin 4 and Felucia: Marshland. He possesses extremely high health (more than twice the usual hero amount), and is armed with the standard Wookie bowcaster and Remote Rocket launcher (which is visually indentical to the Grenade Launcher), 3 time bombs and Rage team buff. In short, he has no unique weapons or attacks: all of it is available to other classes. Not being a Force wielder, he is just as slow as other Wookies and doesn't get force jump or Force speed. All, in all, he is the worst hero available and in regular game he isn't even worth activating.

If you're playing for the villains, he is somewhat more challenging in the Mos Eisley Assault mode. Due to his enormous health, it takes an ungodly amount of melee hits, 3+ lightsaber throws or multiple headshots (which only occur if you aim for the very top of his head) to kill him. His bowcaster attack is pretty weak, but particularly difficult to avoid and deals plenty of damage if you get close enough for all 5 shots to hit you. He will also enrage allies if 3 or more are in proximity, which can make fighting that much more dangerous for you.

Star Wars: Empire at WarEdit

In this game, Chewbacca and Han Solo are a Rebel hero unit and can be purchased at the Command Center for 1800 credits from Tier 2 onwards. There, his bowcaster counts as a sniper rifle; it is slow to fire, but will instantly kill infantry. Like Han Solo and Kyle Katarn, he can activate sprint, which will double his movement speed for about ten seconds, but is very slow to recharge.

He doesn't normally do much damage to vehicles; however, his special ability is to hijack them, thus turning them against their former owners. He can exit it at any time, causing it to self-destruct, and will remain unharmed if it gets destroyed. This ability is best used on the AT-ATs for obvious reasons, but extra 2-M Repulsor Tank or TIE Mauler won't hurt you either.

The best way for the Empire to deal with the duo is to send full tannk and Mauler squadrons, as then this AI-controlled duo will chicken out and flee without trying to attack them in any way. You own heroes are also superior to them in a duel and individually they will lose against anyone you have.

Star Wars: Jedi AcademyEdit

Here, the Chewbacca appears in the early Tatooine mission where he will accomnany your character to a negotiation that predictably goes wrong. He will fight alongside you at first, but then the explosion will separate you by blocking the path with rubble, forcing you to fight alone fort the rest of the mission. He has infinite health and is armed with the standard Wookie bowcaster.

Other appearancesEdit