Czerka Corporation was a galaxy-wide weapons manufacturing corporation. They made everything from blaster pistols to Grenades. Czerka Corporation was too large for the authorities to monitor, so it was trusted to police itself. This proved good for the company, but bad for those worlds that were weak enough to be exploited.

Czerka Corporation had a firm grasp on many worlds, such as Kashyyyk, Tatooine, and Korriban. On Kashyyyk, Czerka had a chokehold on the Wookiee slave trade; the corporation would take Wookiee warriors from Kashyyyk and sell them as laborors offworld. On Tatooine, Czerka Corporation had ressurrected the deserted Anchorhead to mine what appeared to be a gold mine of ore, although it turned out that the Tatooine ore corroded at a much faster rate than normal ore, rendering it useless in long-term building plans. On Korriban, the corporation had only a small equipment shop for use of students at the Sith Academy and for prospective Sith who wanted to arm themselves before their trip into the Academy.

Czerka's main competition was Aratech Industries, who sold to the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order.


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