The Dark Side was one of two main aspects of the Force. It involved harnessing the power of stronger emotions such as fear, hate, and anger. The Dark Side was exactly the opposite of the Light Side, which focused on patience, knowledge, and being calm. This side of the Force, was generally used by Sith and Dark Jedi, who had no problems with using the Force for their own gain. Some signature Dark Side powers are Force Lightning, Force Crush, and Force Choke. This side of the Force generally was used by people of lesser control of their emotions. While strengthining their power in the Force, they would generally lose control of their emotions and end up in someway eventually hurting themselves. Such as in Anakins case he killed his wife in his rage and he, because of his belief in him being superior, ended up being turned into a machine after his fateful duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Usually people who harnassed the Dark Side' powers were not as powerful as a Jedi, because a Jedi resisited the temtation of using the dark side and fought whilst controlling their emotions. This is generally why the Jedi eventually found a way to beat the Sith. Such as in the dyas of the Old Republic, The Sith controlled the galaxy but where defeated by themselves, becuase their greed overcame their uniformity. They ended up killing each other and all of them ended up losing control.

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