Production information
Date destroyed

22 BBY

Technical specifications

Two red bladed lightsabers.

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era


EG-05 was a droid specifically programmed to hunt Jedi[1]. EG-05 had a very high speed and was programmed to use two lightsabers with a variety of lightsaber forms.

Life Edit

This droid was created as one of General Grievous's guards, but Count Dooku was furious of Grievous's defeat against a group of assault Jedi attacking his castle, so he has reprogrammed him to attack him after Kit Fisto left the castle on his fighter. As Grievous returned, EG-5 tried to decapitate him but the cyborg general quickly acted by splitting his arms and blocking the attack. As they kept fighting, a couple of magna-guards attempted to destroy EG-5, but failed because of his tornado comet spin attack. General Grievous finally ended the battle by severing EG-5's legs, picking up the droid with his arms and used his other pair of arms to decapitate him.

History Edit

The rest of him now remains in Dooku's castle. General Grievous sometimes dresses up his elite Magnaguards as EG-5 so the guards have superior armor.

EG-5's programming records have been erased and added to his elite magna guard ER-72 QEF04 (also known as "Decap" for his many severe injuries).

Some people think he was wearing the armor to protect the programming chips falling out of his wound against 72-Q ripping open his chestplates.


  • Various screenshots show that EG-05 has the same styled feet as Grievous.
  • In a screenshot from the game, this droid is labeled as EG-5 instead of EG-05. This might be an error on the publisher's part, however the name might have also been changed too.



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