Engineer Droid in the Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Engineer Droid is a CIS battle droid designated for support functions. It appears in Star Wars: Battlefront II and is identical to other engineer units in equipment, armed with a shotgun, fusion cutter, 5 health and ammo resupplies and 3 detpacks. Like other engineer units, it can bypass mines and has higher speed and lower health than the soldier class, but not as much as the assassin droid.

Their shotgun has 320 shots and fires in green blasts. It is a devastating weapon at short range, but it has low rate of fire and thus requires good accuracy on the part of the user, as you’re completely defenceless in between the blasts or when it reloads. If you manage to kill 6 people with it in one life, it will be replaced by the Flechette Shotgun, which has 252 shots and fires purple blasts that do more damage and don’t scatter as much, meaning that it’s effective at medium and short range.

The fusion cutter is used to for repairing or rebuilding turrets, medical and ammo droids and friendly vehicles. They can also be used to safely deactivate enemy mines or detpacks. Using the fusion cutter on the enemy vehicles will initiate slicing procedure, which will eject the enemy crew from their vehicle after several seconds o
Droid repair health droid

A engineer droid repairing a FX-7 support droid.

f uninterrupted slicing (if you lose contact midway, the slicing percentage will start dropping down at about 5%/second) The vehicle remains unusable for several seconds, so that the enemy crew cannot instantly go back in. This also gives you Technician achievement, temporarily allowing any vehicle you pilot to regenerate health.

The detpacks are remote-controlled explosives and are quite good for killing clusters of enemies at the expected chokepoints or getting rid of enemy turrets or AT-RT. It is of little use against IFT-X or AT-TE and it is usually easier to just slice former and ignore the latter, as it is immue to slicing. The refills, however, are extremely useful, largely because you can pick them up yourself, providing you with instant, powerful healing when your health drops low, effectively providing you with 5 extra lives. They can technically be used to heal the allies, but they will ignore them unless you push them into it and they will usually die anyway, so it’s a waste of resources. Since those refills are replenished by the ammo droids, it is a good strategy to crouch behind those and shoot the enemies, repairing the droid when it gets severely damaged and indefinitely healing yourself as needed.

The AI-c
Detpack defender

An engineer battle droid protecting an entrance with a detpack.

ontrolled engineers of any class are arguably the most dangerous opponents in the game. Their shotguns are always dangerous at close range and they can even kill full-health heroes in one blast at point blank. They will occasionally use fusion cutters to repair turrets and attempt to slice into enemy vehicles (something they almost always fail at). They often tend to run with those cutters for no clear reason, allowing the player to kill them easily. They almost never deploy refills or detpacks, and are usually unable to take advantage of them (although allied engineers can drop them to aid the player if needed.)
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