Force lightning was a power that could be summoned by the Force as an attack. It was used mainly by the Sith but a similar force power, Electrical Judgement, can be used by Jedi. Known users of Electrical Judgement were Plo Koon and Yoda.

Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyEdit

In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Force lightning was a skill that can be learned. At level one, the user cannot emmit a sustained blast, instead shooting only one quick burst. At level two, the player can use a sustained burst, and at level three, the highest level of Force lightning, the player can emmit a sustained burst of lightning that affects every living being in its radius.

Battlefront IIEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront II, the Emperor and Count Dooku can use Force lightning. They attack everything in the radius with vicious Force lightning.

Knights of the Old RepublicEdit

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic there are three levels of Force lightning that can be mastered, the second of which is Force lightning. The first is called Force shock, and the third is Force storm. Force lightning inflicts electrical damage on every enemy between the user and the target.

Star Wars: The Force UnleashedEdit

In The Force Unleashed, Force Lightning is one of the many powers usable by the Apprentice. It can be combined with other Force Powers. Example : Force Lightning followed by a Force Push will transform the enemy in a living electric bomb, making a small explosion on contact, this power is named "Force Detonation". A more advanced version of Force Lightning becomes available to the player at some point of the game. In this attack (called Sith Scorcher), the player push the button C twice (on the Wii console), making the character add his second hand to the attack, doing twice the damage, but also depleting the blue bar twice faster.

LEGO Star WarsEdit

In LEGO Star Wars Force Lightning is a dark side ability, it stuns an enemy, and unless they switch to another character, it will eventually kill them.

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