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The consensus track page is a forum for organizing vital discussions and debates, especially those concerning new policies or site-wide improvements. In contrast, the Gamers Corner is a place for general-purpose talk.

A proposal will remain on the consensus track for two weeks and then archived accordingly.

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Good articles17:41, September 7, 2008Hunterj
Inactive Administrators22:11, August 20, 2008Supergeeky1
Replacing image galleries with categories of images19:33, August 11, 2008Hunterj
Template deletion15:47, August 9, 2008LethalReflex
Trading cards11:19, August 9, 2008Hunterj
Voting11:15, August 9, 2008Hunterj
User Images11:14, August 9, 2008Hunterj
Image categories11:10, August 9, 2008Hunterj