Han Solo
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29 BBY

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1.8 Meters

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Han Solo is a rogue smuggler who goes on to help the Rebel Alliance. He is a friend of Luke Skywalker and eventually marries Leia Organa. He flies a unique ship, Millenium Falcon, with his companion Chewbacca.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIEdit

"Never tell me the odds!"

In this game, Han Solo is a hero character for the rebels who appears on the Kamino, Utapau and Endor maps, as well as Mos Eisley in the Hero Assault mode. His primary weapon is the extremely powerful DL-44a Pistol, which has infinite ammo and fires one shot per second, with only two shots needed to down full-health troopers. His secondary weapon is a humble fusion cutter that allows him to repair vehicles and support droids, as well as slice into the enemy vehicles. Beware of a bug: in some versions of the game, he cannot switch back to his pistol after equipping fusion cutter, leaving him with no means to kill enemies.

His right-click equipment consists of 5 detpacks, which allow him him to combat vehicles and turrets and Rally ability, which boosts defense of all allies in the area, giving him modest support capability.

Finally, possesses the the second highest health in the Hero Assault after Chewbacca, requring 3 lightsaber throws and many attacks to kill him, although one headshot is still enough for him.

Star Wars: Empire at WarEdit

"Great, middle of nowhere!"

Han Solo appears alongside Chewbacca in both the original game and the Forces of Corruption expansion as the Tier 2 Rebel hero. They can be purchased at the Command Center for 1800 credits.

Han Solo is very effective against infantry, taking almost no damage from the Stormtroopers' rifless while he is guaranteed to kill one every time he fires. He is less effective against vehicles and will be killed if he battles a group ofthem at once, even with Chewbacca at his side.

However, this weakness is remedied by his special abilities. EMP Blast will knock out all vehicles in large area for 10 seconds, preventing them from doing anything while are still vulnerable to incoming damage. As such, this ability is best used in conjunction with Kyle Katarn or Rebel Infiltrators, as they can then throw their Thermal Detonators and blow all of immobilised vehicles up, since none are capable of leaving the area. This will also help you win tank combats when your troops are outgunned. The second ability, sprint, doubles his movement speed to allow him to escape tough situations, although it has large recharge time.

If you are facing the duo when playing as the Empire, the best advice is to simply send two 2-M Repulsor Tank/ TIE Mauler brigades against them (mixed approach works best, as then you can use "hammer and anvil" strategy). The two heroes will chicken out and flee, not even bothering to use the EMP Blast. They will sprint, though, which is another reason to have at least one TIE Mauler brigade.

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