The IRC is meant to be a safe place to hang out and enjoy yourself while chatting about anything Star Wars. When you first enter, you'll automatically join the SWGames channel.

You are now ready to chat! You have some customization options:

  • At the top left corner there are three buttons, Help, options, and quit. Here are the options:
    • Actsound (Play a sound when activity directed at you occurs)
    • Font (The font that messages are displayed in)
    • Joinsound (Play a sound when some one joins a channel)
    • Scrollback (Store all scrollback data (uses more memory))
    • Shownick (Show your nickname next to the text entry box)
    • Smilies (Convert smilies into pictures)
    • Timestamp (Display a timestamp next to each message)

Operators are in place to kick or ban unruly users. These will be sysops


Basic Smilies
 :) or :-)  :( or :-(  :P  :D  :-O  ;) or ;-)  :-]  :| or :-|  :'(  ;D 8-) >:-(  :-*  :-/
happy.gif unhappy.gif tongue.gif cheesy.gif surprised.gif wink.gif embarassed.gif flat.gif cry.gif grin.gif cool.gif angry.gif love.gif notsure.gif


However, there are a few restrictions we must institute to prevent any trouble.

  • For wiki members, do not use any other nickname on the chat but your own username, or a nickname of your username. This includes impersonating another's username. Such action if continued may be punishable with a 24-hour ban from the IRC.
  • Do not annoy any other chatter with repetitive questions, heckling, etc.. Heckling will lead to an immediate ban; we want to make every user feel safe during our conversations.
  • No spam in any such way.
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