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The BeginningEdit

The beginning of the Imperial Remnant started when the Empire was defeated and the second Death Star was destroyed. Once the Imperial Remnant was founded the New Republic was also founded. The Empire had ceased to exist. The Imperial Remnant basically traded roles with the rebels of the Galactic Alliance.


After the Imperial Remnant was created, Grand Admiral Thrawn took control of the navy. He was a mastermind at the game of war. He lead the Imperial Remnant to victory after victory, until his bodyguard Rukh killed him. Then the command of the Imperial Remnant became Captain Pellaeon. Pellaeon however had seen enough of war, so he signed a treaty which set peace with the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic. The Imperial Remnant didn't disband, but the treaty entitled both the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic to both live in peace. Which lasted for ten years before the New Republic attacked the Imperial Remnant at Byss.


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