A Stormtrooper as seen in Star Wars: Battlefront II

The Stormtrooper is the standard infantry unit of the Galactic Empire. They appear in all games set in the Imperial era, usually as the cannon-fodder enemy, although there are some exceptions to that.



Battlefront SeriesEdit

Stormtroopers are the regular infantry unit in Battlefront I, Battlefront II, and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron.

Like all mainline infantry, they're armed with a blaster rifle, blaster pistol and 4 thermal detonators, with concussion grenades also available to them in the first game. Their E-11 rifle has 250 ammo in it, but is otherwise indentical to the Rebel, Republic and CIS equivalents. It will be replaced by the Elite Rifle after player manages to kill 12 enemies with it. The latter always has 144 ammo and fires in purple 5-shot bursts instead of continous blaster fire, with one burst usually being enough to kill enemy troops.

The blaster pistol and Thermal Detonators in Battlefront are the same no matter which class wields them. The pistol has infinite ammo but overheats after too many shots, and will be replaced by Elite pistol after 6 kills with it (see Battlefront Achievements for more information).

When AI-controlled, they are no different from Clone Troopers or Rebel Soldiers. They will always use their rifles against their enemies, never having to switch to pistols. They will use the Thermal Detonators against any vehicles or in crowded places. They will occasionally crouch to avoid fire, but lack any awareness of cover or the health/ammo droids. They can also roll away from the grenade blasts and the like, but this is unusual.

Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyEdit

In Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, the stormtroopers are the cannon-fodder infantry and are some of the most common enemies, although they 're not the weakest. While they're usually armed with blaster rifles, they will occasionally be equipped with shotguns and machine guns, thus being slighly more challenging.

A few shots with a blaster or a lightsaber attack quickly dispatches them. They can also be pushed aside (or off the ledge) by the Force Push, affected by Force Pull, Force Lighting and other powers. It should be noted that they will surrender if the player either uses advanced Force Pull to take away their rifles or use Force Choke for a second to force them to drop their weapons. They will turn hostile as soon as they can find a weapon for themselves though, but given how little damage they do and how easy it is to avoid their attacks or heal yourself, a commited player can finish entire levels without killing anyone.

Dark ForcesEdit

In Dark Forces, the stormtroopers are also easily dispatched, with only a few shots of a blaster or a well-placed thermal detonator. They are armed with the usual E-11 blaster rifles.

Star Wars: Empire at WarEdit

"We are ready, commander!"

In both the original game and the Forces of Corruption expansion, they are the basic infantry unit of the Empire. Two Stormtrooper Platoons of 9 soldiers each can be purchased for 300 credits at the Barracks.

They're the weakest player-controlled infantry in the game, weaker then their Rebel Soldier counterparts despite the latter only having 5 troops per squad. They will also be defeated by any vehicle in the game, with the MPTL-2a or Swamp Speeder being particularly effective. The only units they can actually defeat in a fair fight are Ewok Hunters, Jawa Scouts and Geonosians, R2-D2 - C-3PO duo, because they cannot fight back at all, and the Turbolaser Tower (by walking right up to it into its dead zone, where it can't possibly fight back).

Overall, their main use is to simply capture structures and landing zones for you and possibly act as a distraction for the enemy while your vehicles and heroes are on the way.

Star Wars: The Force UnleashedEdit

In the Force Unleashed, the Stormtrooper is the basic enemy but is stronger than Jawas and Ugnaughts. They are armed with E-11 Blasters but occasionally will man E-Webs and E-Web Missle Launchers. They can be defeated with a single lightsaber strike or any force power of your choice. athough they are the weakest Imperial unit, they can still be deadly in swarms or when supported by Scout Troopers or Purge Troopers. there are several variants to the Stormtrooper such as the Jumptrooper and the EVO Trooper.

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