Jawas are short sentient specie that inhabits the Tatooine. They are benign creatures that would scavenge droids, droid parts, ships, and engine parts, which they sell for a living. All of them seem to dress in brown, hooded cloaks, and their only visible features are the glowing yellow eyes.

Star Wars: Battlefront SeriesEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront Jawas appear on the Tatooine: Mos Eisley in all modes. Even though they're technically armed with Ionisation blasters, they will never use them, as they're friendly to both sides and thus never attack or get attacked by the AI. They also have Fusion Cutters, which they use to repair ammo and medical droids, as well as multiple laser turrets on the map. The latter allows you to be more care-free about destroying stuff, as they'll be repaired soon enough. It should also be noted that in the CTF mode, Jawas can sometimes grab the flag by wondering into its area, in which case you'll have to shoot it in order for it to be retrieved. Tthere is no point in kiling them otherwise, unless you want to prevent them from repairing a turret you just destroyed. In the sequel, the Jawas are the same in Conquest and CTF mode, but they will also appear in Hunt mode, where you can play for them or the attacking Tusken Raiders.

In former case, they'll be armed with Ionisation Blasters, rifle-sized weapons similar to ARC Casters in that they attack by shooting a cluster of electricity. They have unlimited ammo, but need to be reloaded after a few shots. They are also far weaker and charge slower, requiring about 5 seconds of charging before they can kill full-health Tuskens. At maximum charge, they will also jump to nearby troops, which often results in Jawas accidentally killing their allies alongside the Raiders.

Jawas themselves are just as slow as Ewoks, and like the Geonosians, they don't aim with scopes: instead the camera will zoom in to their point-of-view, increasing the accuracy, but making it harder to see their surroundings. However, these disadvantages are balanced out by the AI Tusken Raiders abysmal accuracy: the latter miss with about 80% of the shots, thus giving Jawas a chance.

Star Wars: Empire at War seriesEdit

In the Star Wars: Empire at War and its expansion Forces of Corruption, the Jawa Scouts are encountered on the Tatooine map where they're hostile to all sides. The Scouts are spawned in squads of 6 from the Sandcrawler, which has to be destroyed in order get rid of them. They're extremely weak, with even the Stormtroopers easily wiping out multiple squads without losing one of their own. They can be Force Corrupted by the Mara Jade and Palpatine, but they are far too weak to be worth it. Even their sandcrawler possesses very low health for a building (which is what it is, since it's always immobile) and can be quickly destroyed with infantry fire.

Star Wars: Jedi AcademyEdit

In this game, Jawas appear on the Tatooine maps, where they do absolutely nothing besides walking around, crying and opening the doors in one of the cutscenes. They can be killed with ease, but since they don't attack you or anyone else (to the point that the Force Vision considers them to be objects), it is pointless and hardly even fun.

Star Wars: The Force UnleashedEdit

In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Jawas confront the player on Raxus Prime. They are armed with Fusion Cutters which do very little damage, and somewhat more powerful grenades. They often back away from the player and can be killed with a short burst of Force lightning or a simple slash with the Lightsaber.

Other appearancesEdit