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Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy. Their weapon was a lightsaber, a sword-like object that would emit a powerful, glowing blade made of energy. They used the Light side of the Force, in which some Jedi eventually become Sith or Dark Jedi, where they begin to use the Dark side of the Force for selfish or 'evil' purposes.

Star Wars GalaxiesEdit


A Jedi.

Jedi are Force Sensitive beings that can control the Force to overcome their enemies and can master the art of fighting with a Lightsaber. Force Sensitive individuals feel a connection to the energy that surrounds all living things and binds the galaxy together.

Jedi students are just beginning to learn the full power behind the Force. Other than a Padawan robe that distinguishes you from other professions, you won't be wielding a lightsaber and performing amazing feats with the aid of the Force anytime soon. Becoming a Jedi master takes a lot of work and dedication; you'll need to earn these powers as you gain experience in the ways of the Force. [1]

Base StatisticsEdit

"Good, you have taken your first step to becoming a Jedi."
—Ben Kenobi[src]

Starting StatisticsEdit

600px-Jedi brute

A Jedi from the game, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

  • +30 Luck
  • +30 Precision
  • +100 Strength
  • +40 Constitution
  • +40 Stamina
  • +120 Agility

Expertise PathsEdit

  • General
  • Path
  • Beast Mastery

Jedi AbilitiesEdit

"It's your choice, but I warn you not to underestimate my powers"
—Luke Skywalker, Return of the Jedi

All Jedi make a choice to follow a path of light or darkness. Some embrace the way of peace and wisdom to further the goals of peace and democracy while others embrace their rage and lust for power.

The combat disciplines that a Jedi earns as they learn the way makes them a powerful melee fighter able to use both light-side and dark-side abilities. As a Jedi in Star Wars Galaxies you will make these choices on your adventures as your character grows.

Strike DisciplinesEdit

Strikes are Jedi skills that can be used by the light side to decisively defend peace from aggressors or by the dark side to deliver high damage attacks to their enemies. These are offensive moves used by Jedi in combat.

Level 1

This focused Lightsaber strike is a move taught to by beginners. The Shiim strike uses the edge of a Lightsaber to deliver a small wound. It has been used by strong opponents to encourage their opponents to yield, as a training technique or used by Jedi to remind thoughtless aggressors that they are outmatched.

Cho Sun
Level 18

Cho Sun is a combat strike used to defeat an enemy without killing them by delivering a crippling blow.

Level 42

Shiak is the dishonorable act of stabbing an opponent and primarily used by Dark Jedi and the Sith. In times of war, it was used by Light Jedi to quickly end combat.

Mou Kei
Level 66

This maneuver is an advanced strike used to defeat a dangerous opponent. With a circular motion of the Lightsaber, this attack is aimed at major limbs or used to dismember opponents.

Sai Cha
Level 90

Reserved for only the most dangerous of enemies, this powerful attack is meant to be used against opponents that a Jedi cannot afford to be left alive.

Sweep DisciplinesEdit

Sweeps or " Jung Ma " is a class of disciplined strikes that are full 360 degree attacks that can be launched at all targets surrounding a Jedi. A Jedi must have a Lightsaber or melee weapon equipped for these attack maneuvers.

Jung Ma
Level 10

Jung Ma is the first 360 degree sweep attack learned by a Jedi. By using this discipline, a Jedi can sense everything around him or her, enabling attacks to strike all opponents surrounding them.

Strike all opponents in your immediate area with this sweeping attack.

Sun Djem Jung Ma
Level 26

Growing in their ability to channel the Force, Sun Djem Jung Ma improves a Jedi's ability to sweep all surrounding targets with a powerful offensive strike.

The inflicted damage is comparable to a Jedi strike. Affects all targets with an affect radius of 5 meters.

Cho Mak Jung Ma
Level 54

As a Jedi improves their abilities, the Cho Mak Jung Ma will help a Jedi defend themselves against multiple opponents at intermediate levels.

Sai Tok Jung Ma
Level 78

Sai Tok Jung Ma is the most powerful sweep a Jedi will learn.

The challenge to mastering sweeps will be a Jedi's understanding of cool-downs. Each sweep has a cool-down that controls how quickly this ability may be used and then used again. By becoming familiar with how often these abilities can be used, a Jedi can learn to improve their combat effectiveness by knowing when to launch their attacks against multiple enemies.

Focus and StanceEdit

A Jedi can learn to "focus" on offense or concentrate on a "stance" to defend themselves. Though they may not do both simultaneous these two combat disciplines are a powerful ally. Only one of these buffs may be on your character at the same time.

Focus DisciplinesEdit

Jedi Focus is the art and practice of meditation to enhance one's energies towards offensive capabilities in combat. These are offensive buffs used by Jedi to increase of the amount of damage done with attacks and special abilities in combat.

Level 4

This form of Jedi focus trains a Jedi how to increase the damage potential of every attack.

Level 14

Maneuvering gracefully, a Jedi can use this focus to tire out an opponent by expending their energies by conserving their own.

Djem So
Level 30

By using a higher level of physical strength, the Djem So focus makes Jedi attacks more aggressive in combat.

Level 46

The Sokan Focus allows a Jedi to use evasion and mobility in combat to their advantage. Originally developed by ancient Jedi Knights during the Great Sith War, this discipline helps a Jedi's Lightsaber strokes to be swift in combat.

Level 62

Developed by a non-sentient predator on the Planet Sarapin, the Juyo discipline helps a Jedi's attacks to be sleek and fast using strong strikes to defeat opponents.

Level 90

The Vaapad discipline is the most challenging and demanding of all foci. Derived from the Juyo focus, this ability can only be used by a Master Jedi.

Stance DisciplinesEdit

Jedi Stances teach a Jedi how to hold their bodies so that the Force is channeled through them to master their defensive abilities in combat. These are defensive buffs used by Jedi to decrease the amount of damage done to them by opponents in combat.

Center of Being Level: 7

Center of Being is the first stance a Jedi learns. It teaches a youngling how to focus on their center of being, channeling the Force to be a defensive ally in combat.

Shii-Cho Level 22

This stance is simple and versatile. Also learned as a youngling, the Shii-Cho must be learned before a Padawan apprenticeship can begin.

Niman Level 38

Developed by the Jedi Knights of the Old Republic, this stance is also known as the "Diplomat's Stance". This defensive ability comes from balancing all elements of Lightsaber combat so that it will improve a Jedi's defensiveness in all situations.

Makashi Level 54

The Makashi discipline helps a Jedi to improve their parries, thrusts and small, precise attacks so they use less energy, thus outlasting an opponent.

Soresu Level 70

Soresu helps a Jedi to utilize movement to protect their targeted zones from opponents. The most defensive of all stances, this ability increases the chance to block or dodge incoming attacks.

Shien Level: 86

Giving the ability to defend themselves at the strongest levels, the Shien stance helps a Jedi use offensive positions to protect themselves.

Self Healing DisciplinesEdit

Jedi can use mental discipline as a way to channel the Force for powers of self healing . These are the disciplines a Jedi learns on their path that will heal them in combat and defend against poison, disease, bleeding wounds and even fire.

Calming Mind
Level: 14

Learn to let go of your hatred and calm your mind. When a Jedi does this, they will learn to be able to heal themselves.

Calming Mind will channel the Force through you so that it recharges your health. It will also cure any poison currently afflicting you and renders you immune to further poison effects for a brief time. All self-heals have a 25 second cool-down timer.

Level: 34

Once you have learned to calm your mind, the next level of your training will teach you how to meditate. This devotional contemplation disciplines a Jedi, expanding their healing powers so they can heal themselves more effectively and also cure poisons and free them from disease.

Meditation improves a Jedi's healing abilities, increasing the ability to recharge their health. Not only does it cure any poison currently afflicting your character and rendering them immune to further poison effects for a brief time, but will also allow a Jedi to cure disease attacks as well. Meditate also renders a Jedi immune to disease effects for a brief time.

Focus of Life
Level: 58

This discipline allows those in tune with the Force to heal their life essence. Once a Jedi attains this level of practice, they can not only heal themselves with great effectiveness, but also protect themselves from poison, diseases or bleeding wounds.

The Focus of Life will cure poisons, diseases and bleeding wound attacks currently affecting your character and will render your character immune from poisons, diseases and bleeding wound attacks for a short time.

Force Regeneration
Level: 82

At this level of self-healing mastery, a Jedi can channel the Force to such a degree that they will be immune from fire.

Force Regeneration will cure poisons, diseases, bleeding wound, and fire attacks currently affecting your character and will render your character immune from poisons, diseases, bleeding wound and fire attacks for a short time.

Choking DisciplinesEdit

Choking is a Jedi combat discipline enabling Jedi to slow down and damage their opponents. This can be used for escape, evasion and even as a defensive way to inflict damage on your enemies.

Grapple (Level: 38), Force Grapple (Level: 62), and Force Choke (Level: 74) will all damage your opponents and reduce your enemies movement speed.

This ability has a 15 second cool-down timer and a range of approximately 10 meters. You will reduce your enemy's movement speeds with a snare and know the snare is in effect by the fly-text that will appear over them during combat. The snare effects will last for 8 seconds (Grapple), 10 seconds (Force Grapple) and 15 seconds (Force Choke).

Each of these abilities is progressively stronger than the last type of ability in this group of combat disciplines.

Force Lightning

Looked upon as a Dark Jedi discipline, all Jedi are capable of producing powerful bolts of energy that can be shot from their hands causing damage and severe pain to their opponents. There are 5 disciplines that can be learned: Force Bolt, Force Lightning, Force Storm, Force Tempest and Force Maelstrom.

While this ability can be used by all Jedi, many philosophically choose not to use it because of its vicious nature.

Force Bolt
Level: 7

This electric bolt can be used by Jedi to rip through their opponents. Its damaging power also slows the motor functions of enemy opponents, reducing their movement for a short time.

This snare has a 10 second duration.

Force Lightning
Level: 30

Force Lightning is a strong Force attack that sends lightning coursing through an opponent. It causes an enemy's major muscle groups to lock up, preventing them from fleeing.

This snare has a 20 second duration.

Force Storm
Level: 50

Increasing in power, this Force Lightning attack is a critical attack that causes damage and reduces an opponents ability to evade attacks.

This snare has a 40 second duration.

Force Tempest
Level: 66

Growing in power, the Force Storm erupts into multiple lightning strikes that will course through an opponent's body. It will cause them significant damage and prevent them from escaping.

This snare has a 45 second duration.

Force Maelstrom
Level: 86

Shredding an opponent's central nervous system, this lightning attack will cause tremendous damage and halt an enemy's ability to escape.

This snare has a 50 second duration.

Special DisciplinesEdit

The Force fills a Jedi with strength and energy, allowing them to use special abilities in combat. Hurling weapons and retrieving them, moving at super speeds and affecting the minds of an opponents can all be used by Jedi.

Force Throw
Level 4

Extremely useful in combat, this discipline can be quickly learned by Jedi to launch a variety of melee weapons at their opponents. Lightsabers, one-handed, two-handed and polearm weapons can all be hurled towards a targeted enemy and will not only damage an opponent but also prevent them from escaping further attacks with a snare.

This special ability has a maximum range of 30 meters and a 5 second cool-down timer. This attack will always hit your opponent and can be a useful tool to trap an opponent and follow up with a more powerful attack to create useful combinations of attacks.

Force Run
Level 18

This Force Discipline significantly increases a Jedi's ability to run very quickly. By using the Force to enhance their movement, a Jedi can negotiate terrain more effectively and also escape the entangling attacks of their enemies.

This special ability significantly adds additional terrain negotiation bonuses while active. It also cures any snares or roots present on the Jedi and renders them immune to further snare or root effects for the duration of Force Run.

Mind Trick
Level 10 and 26

The fabled Jedi "Mind Trick" can be used by Jedi to affect weak minded opponents. It clouds their mind and makes them open to powerful suggestion. Many light Jedi prefer to use this attack over more offensive abilities as a respect towards peace and life.

Mind Trick (Level: 10) and Cloud Minds (Level: 26) can be used against creatures and NPC's in game. Both the "Mind Trick" and "Cloud Minds" will cause your opponents to "forget" you and end an attack. It also reduces an opponent's Precision and Strength attributes. "Cloud Minds" will even affect any hostile NPC or creature in a 5 meter radius around the Jedi's target.

These abilities can be used up to a maximum range of 10 meters and have a 15 second cool-down, so you will have to consider where and when you want to use these abilities.

Saber Block
Level 34

With this discipline, a Jedi learns to block all incoming attacks from ranged weapons with their Lightsaber.

Once activated, this ability blocks all ranged attacks for 20 seconds and has a 60 second cool-down timer. It will not protect a Jedi from unarmed, melee or Heavy Weapon attacks.

Force Cloak
Level 70

This special ability allows a Jedi to hide or "cloak" themselves from opponents! Requiring great concentration, this can be a useful ally for a Jedi in combat but if a Jedi moves even the slightest bit, their concentration, and the cloak, will be broken.

This ability has a cool-down timer of 80 seconds and will hide the Jedi from opponents for 30 seconds. A Jedi cannot move while cloaked or the special ability will end.

Sense Danger
Level 70

Assisting Jedi, this preternatural sense helps a Jedi locate attacks that are hidden or unseen.

Jedi can use this ability to find concealed traps. Each time it is used, a reveal check is made. If the Sense Danger is successful, it will reveal hidden traps and opponents. This special ability has a cool-down timer of 60 seconds. [2]

"It surrounds us and penetrates us... It binds the galaxy together."
—of the Force


Merely reaching CL 90 does not mean a player is a Jedi or Sith (R-P) "Master", it merely gives them the formal greeting of "Master Jedi", which was given to both Padawans and Knights. Once a Jedi reaches CL 90, all they have achieved is Knighthood. To become a Master they then must then take an Apprentice...

Part I: Taking an ApprenticeEdit

"There are always two; no more, no less... A master, and an apprentice."
—Yoda, The Phantom Menace
Jedi ApprenticeshipsEdit
"I will train him, then. I take Anakin as my Padawan learner."
—Qui-Gon Jinn, The Phantom Menace

A CL 90 Jedi will select a willing Jedi of a lesser CL to be his future Padawan. The future Master will instruct his future Padawan to travel to a force shrine to meditate and listen to the will of the Force (for an amount of time determined by the future Master).

Afterwards, the future Master and Padawan will travel together to the ruins of the ancient Jedi Temple on Dantooine.

Once there, the Master will instruct the Padawan to kneel and recite the Jedi code.

Now the Master will ask the Padawan if he is willing to dedicate their "life" to the will of the Force, the protection of others, and the guidance of his or her Master. If the Padawan agrees, the Master instructs their student to rise and declares him his Padawan. The final step is for the Master to put the following at the bottom of his bio: "Jedi Padawan: (padawan's name)", and for the Padawan to put the following at the bottom of his bio: "Jedi Master: (master's name)".

Sith ApprenticeshipsEdit
"Soon I will have a new apprentice, one far younger and more powerful."
—Darth Sidious, The Revenge of the Sith

A CL 90 Sith (RP) will select a willing Sith (RP) of a lesser Combat Level to be his Apprentice. The future Master will instruct his future Apprentice to travel to a force shrine to meditate on his hatred and anger, and the power which only the dark side of the Force can bring him (for an amount of time determined by the future Master).

The future Master and Apprentice will then travel together to the temple of the ancient Sith Lord Exar Kun on Yavin IV.

Once there, the future Master will stand between the two black triangles (with the statue of Exar Kun over him) and order the Apprentice to kneel before him and recite the Sith code.

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me."
—The Sith Code

Now the future Master will ask the Apprentice if he is ready to dedicate their "life" to the pursuit of power, the domination of others and the orders of his or her Master. If the future Apprentice agrees, the future Master bestows upon them a Sith title, instructs them to rise and declares them as their Apprentice. The final step is for the Master to put the following at the bottom of their bio: "Sith Apprentice: (apprentice's name)", and for the Apprentice to put the following at the bottom of his or her bio: "Sith Master: (master's name)".

Part II: Training your ApprenticeEdit

The Master: The Master's role in the system is to help their apprentice advance. This advancement comes in three main ways:

  • Helping them gain experience points (XP) to increase their Combat Level.
  • Helping them acquire the resources and components to construct a more powerful lightsaber as they become certified.
  • Helping them find better robes when they are able to wear them.

The Student: The Padawan or Apprentice's role in the system is two-fold:

  • A Padawan or Apprentice should be very respectful of their Master, who is helping them grow as a Jedi.
  • A Padawan or Apprentice should try their best to meet any advancement goals their Master sets for them to achieve.

Advancement Goals: A Teacher would expectedly set goals for his student (which would vary for everyone, depending on their real life circumstances), though a Jedi Master would not belittle or demean his Padawan if they did not advance as quickly as the Master expects, instead showing patience and understanding. A Sith Master, however, would be far less forgiving of a slow learner.

Purpose: The main purpose of the Master/Apprentice System is for the mutual enjoyment and benefit of both the Master and the Apprentice. The Apprentice benefits from the system by having a more experienced player helping them whenever they need it. The Master benefits from the system in that only by successfully training a Padawan or Apprentice to Knighthood can they become a true Jedi or Sith Master.

Part III: "Graduation"Edit

"I am ready to face the trials"
—Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Phantom Menace
Jedi GraduationsEdit

Once a Padawan has reached CL 90, the Master assigns 3 trials, which must completed alone to prove themselves a Jedi Knight (Below are explanations of the 3 types of trials with pictures that represent them, as well as a recommended example):

Trial I - Keeping the PeaceEdit

"For a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the old Republic..." Keeping the peace involves dealing with seedy characters or dangerous creatures that are a cause of harm to the innocent citizens of the galaxy.

Example: Krayt Dragons are some of the most fearsome creatures in the galaxy. Recent reports from Tatooine indicate that of late their population has increased sharply, and is proving a deadly threat to innocent moisture farmers and travelers of the desert world.

The Galactic Travel Organization has requested the help of the Jedi order, on behalf of their Tatooine branch, in thinning the sudden boom in the Krayt Dragon population. The Padawan must travel to the Krayt Dragon graveyard on Tatooine and kill 10 Krayt Dragons to help maintain the safety of the locals.

Trial II - Expanding the ArchivesEdit

As was seen in Attack of the Clones, a Jedi will try to find information on something in the Jedi archives from time to time and it will not be there. When this happens, the only way to solve that problem is to send someone to gather information about what is missing and why.

Example: The Jedi archives lack sufficient data regarding the area known as the Ryatt Trail on the planet of Kashyyyk. It is known that this trail spans an area ranging from the tree-top canopy all the way to the floor of the forest, but more detailed information requires an expedition team be sent to explore this area on foot.

The Padawan must travel to Kashyyyk and explore the trail from the entrance gate to the end on the forest floor so that the Jedi archives can be updated with more detailed information regarding the area.

Along the way, the Padawan should deal with any hostile creatures that might prove a danger to themselves or the locals (notably the Katarn).

Trial III - Bringing Balance to the ForceEdit

On many different planets, there are beings who have discovered the Force or started using the Force in unnatural ways (the Dark side). What they are doing is causing an imbalance in the force which is left to the Jedi Order to correct:

Example: Home to a group of evil force wielding witches who call themselves the Nightsisters, the Nightsister stronghold has become one of the most powerful focal points of the dark side in the entire galaxy.

Until the Nightsisters are dealt with, the very existence of the light side of the force is threatened, prompting the Jedi order to mount an operation to destroy them. The Padawan must journey to the Nightsister stronghold and clear out the Nightsisters from their stronghold and its neighboring cave so that the force can be brought back to balance.


After the Padawan has completed his trials, the final step is for the Master to change his bio from: "Jedi Padawan: (padawan's name)" to "Padawan trained: (padawan's name)", and the Padawan to change his bio from "Jedi Master: (master's name)" to "Former Jedi Master: (master's name)".

Sith GraduationsEdit

Once the Apprentice has reached CL 90, the Master will give him 3 Tests of Power, which the Apprentice must complete alone, to determine if he is strong enough to be a Sith (Below are three recommended examples for the Tests of Power):

Test I - Dragon SlayerEdit

Making the Jundland Wastes all the more dangerous are immense reptiles stalking the craggy canyons in search of prey. These huge predators are known as Krayt dragons and their bone-chilling howl is enough to send even ferocious Sand People skittering for cover...but not a Sith. For his first test, the Apprentice must travel to the desert world of Tatooine and slay 15 Krayt Dragons.

Test II - Search and DestroyEdit
"If the trace is correct, I will find them quickly, Master"
—Darth Maul, The Phantom Menace

For his second test, the Apprentice must travel to the Forest world of Endor, then find and defeat a Gorax giant.

Test III - Killing SpreeEdit

A Sith's true power is only achieved through testing the limits of their anger. To do this, a Sith must unleash their anger on all who stand in their way. For the third test, the Apprentice must travel to the Jungle world of Yavin IV and kill the fearsome Acklay inside the Geonosian labs, killing all Geonosians and droids along the way.


After the Apprentice has completed the 3 Tests of Power, the Master will instruct his Apprentice to follow him to the ancient Dark Jedi enclave (also on Yavin IV), for a final lesson.After they have arrived, the Master and the Apprentice will make their way into the inner chamber.The Master now informs the Apprentice that the time has come for him to prove himself a Sith Lord, and challenges him to a duel to the death.

If the Apprentice defeats their Master, the Master becomes one with the Force (clones) and /tells his Apprentice that their training is complete. They are now a Sith. The final step is for the Master to change his bio from: "Sith Apprentice: (apprentice's name)" to "Apprentice trained: (apprentice's name)", and the Apprentice to change his bio from "Sith Master: (master's name)" to "Former Sith Master: (master's name)".

Star Wars: Battlefront seriesEdit

Star Wars: BattlefrontEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront the Jedi are non playable characters that join the battle in Galactic Conquest mode by taking the planet Tatooine, if you choose the Jedi Hero bonus. They can also appear in Instant Action mode if the player turns them on in the options menu. They are nearly invincible and are a valuable asset to your team.

Jedi in Star Wars: BattlefrontEdit

Star Wars: Battlefront IIEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront II on instant action mode Jedi are playable characters able to be unlocked in each battle by a default of gaining nine points, though this can be adjusted. There are different Jedi on each map, some appear on more than one map, they are all categorized as heroes. Jedi do not have the common life bar as soldiers do. Instead they have a lightsaber that minimizes in length as time goes by, and increases with each kill of an enemy unit. They are valuable characters and can be used to greatly wound the enemy team if used correctly.

Jedi in Star Wars: Battlefront IIEdit

Star Wars Battlefront: Rengade SquadronEdit

In Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Jedi serve a similar purpose as they did in Star Wars: Battlefront II, except they are now slightly slower making them more balanced in comparison to the standard units.

Jedi in Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade SquadronEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Jedi are the central characters in the Star Wars movies, and spin-off novels, and games.

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