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Kyle Katarn
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22 BBY

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"Kyle Katarn at your service. Welcome to a day in the life of a Jedi."
—Katarn to Jaden Korr

Kyle Katarn is a human male rebel operative from Sulon and later a Jedi of the New Jedi Order. He was a former imperial stormtrooper who defected to the Rebellion. Often paired with fellow Rebel agent and smuggler Jan Ors, he performed many covert missions for the Rebel Alliance and later the New Republic, including the sabotage of the Dark Trooper Project. Katarn was later informed of his force sensitivity, and taught himself to become a Jedi while in search of the Valley of the Jedi. During this journey, he confronted the dark side within both himself and in the form of the Dark Jedi Jerec and his minions. The fear of the dark side led him to severe his conection with the Force only to regain it in order to defeat the fallen Jedi Desann and "The Remnant". After defeating him, Katarn accepted Skywalker's offer on to become a Jedi Master at the Jedi Academy. He also participated in the campaign against the Disciples of Ragnos alongside his new apprentices Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin.

Dark ForcesEdit

Just before the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Kyle, a former Imperial Stormtrooper and agent, now a mercenary for hire is in the service of the Rebel Alliance.

His first mission (which was also released independently as a demo of the game) involved infiltration of an Imperial base on the planet Danuta, in order to steal the Death Star plans. The mission to Danuta resulted in Rebel possession of the plans that would later be given to Princess Leia and lead to the destruction of the Death Star.

After the Battle of Yavin, he was contacted again by Mon Mothma to investigate an Imperial assault on the Tak Base of Talay, using a type of Imperial trooper never encountered previously. After the attack on Tak Base Kyle infiltrated the ruins of the base and discovered a prototype dark trooper weapon. The initials "M.R." were discovered on it, which were found to stand for Moff Rebus, an infamous Imperial weapons engineer. This investigation revealed the dark trooper project, led by General Rom Mohc, and this led Katarn to Anoat, where he found the Moff hiding in the sewage system of Anoat City.

During interrogation, Moff Rebus revealed the location of a testing facility for the mineral phrik, used in the construction of dark troopers, on the planet Fest. After obtaining a sample of this mineral, he was led to the Gromas system, where phrik was mined and the phase-I dark troopers were manufactured. After the destruction of this facility, Crix Madine was found to have been captured by the Empire and sent to an Imperial detention center on Orinackra. Once he had rescued Madine, he provided him with critical information regarding the dark trooper project.

He traveled to the Ramsees Hed docking port on Cal-Seti, which was used for Imperial runs to the frozen planet of Anteevy, where the second phase of dark trooper construction was completed. After smuggling himself aboard an Imperial ship, he reached Anteevy, destroyed the Ice Station Beta facility. He was afterwards led to Nar Shaddaa, where he obtained a Nava card. At this point in the scenario, the Empire has placed a large bounty on his head, and as he pulls out of Nar Shaddaa, the Moldy Crow is captured by Jabba the Hutt in the Star Jewel.


Kyle Katarn in Dark Forces

There, he was stripped of his weapons and had to fight hand-to-hand with a kell dragon. After obtaining his weapons, he and Jan Ors escape to Coruscant, the only place where he could insert the Nava Card into a decoder to reveal data chips used for additional information. On his way to his ship, Kyle found the Crow missing and Boba Fett, hired by Mohc, waiting for him. He defeated Fett after a hard fight and then traveled to the Imperial Fuel Station Ergo, where he sneaked onto the Executor. From here, he smuggled himself aboard the Arc Hammer, where the third and final phase of the dark troopers was being overseen. Finally, he faced Rom Mohc, spearhead of the operation (who was using the only phase-III dark trooper exoskeleton in existence), and defeated him. Kyle then proceeded to blow up the Arc Hammer and escaped. Watching from the Executor, Darth Vader comments that this "is an unfortunate setback" and somewhat prophetically notes that "the Force is strong with Katarn."For his actions and bravery in the face of defeat, Mon Mothma awarded him the Star of Alderaan.

His signature weapon was the Bryar blaster pistol, an accurate but slow-firing pistol. He collected other weapons along the way, such as the E-11 blaster rifle and the Imperial Heavy Repeater.. His signature weapon was the Bryar blaster pistol, an accurate but slow-firing pistol. He collected other weapons along the way, such as the E-11 blaster rifle and the Imperial Heavy Repeater.

Jedi Knight: Dark Forces IIEdit

After the second Death Star has been destroyed, the Dark Jedi Jerec and his six Dark Jedi seek the map to the Valley of the Jedi and captures the jedi Qu Rahn for it. Meanwhile, Kyle as a mercenary chases the informant droid 8t88 for a data disc that belonged to his father, Morgan Katarn. After retrieving the disc, Kyle returns home to the planet Sulon where he is able to read the disc with his droid WeeGee. He is granted a lightsaber and a quest to protect the Valley of the Jedi by a hologram of his father contained in the disc. He receives help from his trusted partner and pilot, Jan Ors. During his quest Katarn encounters the Dark Jedi and finds the map to the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusan. At the valley, Jerec plans to absorb the ancient power that lies in the valley. His plans are, however, stopped by Kyle, who arrives and kills him in a lightsaber duel. Following Jerec's defeat, Kyle stays upon path of the lightside and joins Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy.

In the alternative non-canon Dark Side ending, after killing Jerec, Kyle takes the power of the Valley for himself and becomes the new Emperor.

Jedi Knight II: Jedi OutcastEdit

" I hate it when you say "troubling". "
—Kyle on Mon Mothma

Kyle, having abandonedthe path of the Jedi and his partner Jan Ors. undertake missions for the Republic. They have to infiltrate an Imperial stronghold on Kejim. Though they lost to the Rebellion, pockets of ex-Imperial forces, called "Remnant" remain formidable threats to the order of the Republic. After fighting an impressive array of stormtroopers he and Jan find that an imperial scientist called Galak Fyarr has been experimenting with artusian crystals hoping to infuse troopers with the power of the Force. Having wanted to delve into this further the republic send the duo to a planet called Artus Prine - which uses slave labor. Kyle releases the slaves and saves them from a massive armored assault on the planet's surface. Before he can rejoin Jan, Kyle is forced to confront Fyarr's powerful confederates, a dark Jedi Desann and his appprentice Tavion. Without the force, Kyle is easily overpowered by Desann. Tavion captures Jan and apparently kills her. Kyle in his rage and anger goes to the Valley of the Jedi and, despite the warnings of the spirit of his father, regains his force powers.

"Why can't you Jedi ever do things the simple way?"
—Katarn to Luke Skywalker

Traveling to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, Kyle reclaims his lightsaber by taking the test of the Jedi with the help of Luke Skywalker. Seeing him outperform on the Jedi trails leads Luke to conclude that he has taken force power from the Valley of the Jedi. Luke warns him about the course he has chosen, but also gives him valuable information about Desann - including the fact that Desann had actually gotten his start at the Jedi Academy before turning to evil, and that Desann may be linked to Reelo Baruka, a crimelord on Nar Shadda. Infiltrating Reelo's lair on Nar Shadda, Kyle links up with Lando Calrissian. The two defeat Reelo's forces and escape for Cloud City on Bespin. By the time they arrive, the city has been overrun by Remnant forces. Kyle also encounters "Reborn" - Force-wielding warriors fighting for the remnant. Despite their numbers and their powers, they lack discipline and he defeats them. Eventually, he is found by Tavion, who is skilled and powerful, but ultimately outmatched by him. The defeated Tavion begs for her life, telling him that Jan is alive.

"Sometimes even a small hope is enough to defeat the Dark Side, Kyle."
—Skywalker to Kyle

He sneaks aboard one of the Remnant ships, thinking that it will bring him to Fyarr and Desann. The robot ship eventually lands on a Remnent base hidden on an Asteroid. There he finds a manufacturing plant building large pods used to drop invading forces on targeted planets. He also finds a huge assault force being marshalled - signs of a huge Remnant invasion in the making. Again confronting Reborn, Kyle meets up with Skywalker. Luke has some bad news for him - Desann has manipulated him into returning to the Valley of the Jedi, and followed him with an army of his warriors. Republic forces eventually drove them away, but not before many of Desann's soldiers were empowered by the massive force energy of the Valley. Kyle parts from Luke and eventually finds the "Doomgiver", an enormous ship that will carry the invasion force to its destination. He reunites with Luke, but not before Desann appears again and separates them.

"I was wrong about you, Katarn. Your failure as a Jedi hasn't weakened you; it's only made you stronger. Come, join me. You know it in your heart that you'll never be truly one of them."
"Maybe. Maybe not. But I know I won't be alone. How about you, Desann? Even now, after all this pain, it's not too late...come, join US."
—Desann and Kyle just before they fight

He manages to climb aboard Doomgiver before it leaves and makes the jump to hyperspace, but Luke gets left behind. Aboard Doomgiver, he fights off hoards of Stormtroopers, Reborn and Shadow Warriors, minions of Desann who wear special armor capable of absorbing lightsaber power. Despite the obstacles, he finds Jan and send a warning signal to Rogue Squadron. Once Doomgiver drops out of hyperspace, Republic fighters attack it. Within the ship, he finally confronts Galak Fyarr who reveals his plans of attacking the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. Kyle defeats Fyarr - who wears a suit of mechanized and ray-shielded armor - and then sabotages the ship's main generator, dooming the ship and Fyarr. Unfortunately, much of the invasion force has landed and is already advancing on the Jedi Academy. Escaping with Jan from the now doomed Doomgiver, he reaches the surface of Yavin 4, and battles waves of Remnant forces to reach the Academy. Once inside, he links up with the Academy's many apprentice Jedi, and all fight back against the Reborn. He follows Desann into the depths of the Massassi temple where the two battle. He tries to persuade Desann to surrender, but the dark Jedi resists. Kyle taps into the power of the temple's core, and defeats Desann. With Desann and Fyarr now dead, the Remnant assault collapses.

"Look I am not saying I'm ready to join the Academy or anything like that. I mean, before I do ANYTHING, I figure out that Jan and I have earned a long vacation on the beaches of Spira. And after that...well..."
—Kyle on his future plans

After discussing it with Luke, Kyle decides he'll keep his lightsaber.

Jedi Knight: Jedi AcademyEdit

In Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Kyle is a fully trained Jedi Master and trains Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin, and serves as a mentor for Jaden throughout his/her adventures.

When Jaden reached the Jedi Temple after his shuttle crashed nearby, he was hit by a beam coming of a scepter. Kyle, Luke and other Jedi found him lying and when he woke up, he and Jaden were introduced to one another. They returned to the Jedi Temple, where Jaden and others were welcomed as trainees in the New Jedi Order. Kyle was assinged to train both Jaden and his new friend Rosh.

Kyle took Jaden and Rosh to the training facility where they each entered an obstacle course that tested and developed their lightsaber combat and Force abilities. However, Rosh took the training as a race and when he got the opportunity, he released one of Luke’s training drones on Jaden. Jaden was forced to fight it off, thus falling behind. When they both arrived at the finish, Jaden confronted Rosh about the drone. Kyle had to settle the two down, especially Jaden. After Kyle had finished training Jaden, they both assigned to a couple missions to investigate disturbances throughout the Galaxy.

They were sent in to investigate the appearance of a couple local mercenary groups interacting with the cult on Coronet, Corellia. But, during their visit, they intercepted a runaway tram that had been hijacked by one of those groups of mercenaries. Kyle dropped Jaden at the back of the tram and told him to make his way to the front and clean out the cars, while Kyle chased down mercenary vessels. As Jaden continued onward through the cars, he discovered yet another connection between the mercenaries and the cultists, confirming the paranoia swelling the galaxy. Jaden had to them fight off before reaching a bomb located within one of the cars. Jaden disabled the bomb, figuring the mercenaries were planning on blowing it up in one of Coronets busiest terminals. But as soon as he disabled the bomb, the tram started to speed up. The mercenaries changed their plans and decided to ram into the station, but Jaden shut down the tram and it skidded to a halt. He joined up with Kyle, who had taken care of the remaining mercenary vessel and together they traveled back to Yavin IV to inform Luke of the definite connection between the mercenaries and the Disciples of Ragnos.

Kyle accompanied Jaden to two different tasks on Tatooine shortly after Jaden's training on Yavin IV. His first assignment was to recover a missing R4 unit. The unit had belonged to a moisture farmer who overheard officers in a cantina talking about the Disciples and had his R4 unit record the conversation. Kyle traveled with Jaden to Tatooine, but stayed behind to talk to the farmer. As Jaden went out looking for the droid, he discovered that the local Tusken Raiders had beaten him to the Jawas. Once he found the Sandcrawler, he stormed it to find more Tuskens harassing the Jawas eventually finding the missing R4 unit, but found no more Jawas to negotiate with. He led the R4 unit outside the Sandcrawler, where he was attacked by yet another group of Tusken Raiders. Jaden eventually returned to Kyle where they took the R4 unit to scan its memory for any conversation. Shortly after the droid recovery, Kyle and Jaden returned to Tatooine after hearing more reports on Cultist appearances. Kyle orders Jaden to stay by the ship, the Raven’s Claw, after encountering some mercenary vessels and the Millennium Falcon. Jaden waited by the docking entrance for Kyle to return when Chewbacca entered saying he was there with Princess Leia Organa. Jaden escorts Chewbacca back to the dock when they were ambushed by mercenaries, as their ships were caught in a tractor beam. Jaden fought his way to the control tower where he encountered a Dark Jedi, one of the Disciples of Ragnos. He struck down the cultist and disabled the tractor beam. But the presence of the cultist gave Jaden and Kyle the connection they wanted, inferring that the Disciples were branching out to become a bigger threat then they realized. Kyle eventually rejoined with Jaden and Chewbacca, learning from them what he had happend. Kyle and Jaden returned to the Academy on Yavin to report what they discovered to Luke.

Kyle went on a mission with Rosh and was going to meet Jaden on Bakura, but never showed up. Jaden decided to continue on with the mission himself with great success.

After a mission on Hoth, Jaden informed Kyle and Luke of his discovery that the Disciples of Ragnos were using places of Luke Skywalker's journal's to drain the dark side energy that was there The cult had managed to siphon most of the dark side energy from each planet, all except Byss, and only because Rosh had not returned or called in. Luke again expressed his regret and feared Rosh was in trouble. Kyle volunteered to go search for Rosh. Jaden insisted on going to, but was told off by both teachers. Luke told Jaden that he was needed at the Academy to complete more missions, and granted him the title of Apprentice.

When Kyle was in Nar Kreeta investigating the disappearance of Rosh, he helped Jaden his mission of freeing some village elders, captured by a local Hutt crime lord. However, during Jaden’s rescue, he discovered that the elders were captured for a sporting event and were not the only ones. Jaden released all of the elders and Kyle took them aboard on Raven's Claw.

Following the capture of Rosh Penin by the Imperial Remnant, Luke continued to send Jedi out to various locations that could be targeted for Dark Side energy by the Disciples of Ragnos and the Remnant. He assigned Kyle and Jaden to investigate the toxic world of Vjun. Once on Vjun, Kyle and Jaden used the Force to protect themselves from the acidic rain of Vjun. When they were heading towards the top of Vader's Castle they were split up by an explosion. Jaden had to battle Imperials, assassin droids saber droids with lightsabers and New Reborns to make his way through the castle. Upon entering the medidation chamber, he noticed Rosh draining dark energy with the scepter of Ragnos with two Reborn brothers, Vil and Dasariah Kothos, guarding him. Thinking that Rosh was being held prisoner, Jaden urged his fellow Jedi to come with him, however Jaden's plea failed. Rosh, noticeably more somber, revealed to Jaden that he in fact was the newest member of the Disciples of Ragnos. Though he was against fighting his friend, Jaden was forced to engage in a fierce duel with Rosh. After Jaden slew the Twins and disarmed Rosh, he stood over his former friend as Kyle entered the room. When Rosh pleaded with Kyle, Tavion intervened by using force lightning on the two Jedi. Tavion then took Jaden's lightsaber and threw it at the ceiling. Tavion escaped with Rosh in the ensuing chaos. As Kyle stopped the ceiling from collapsing, Jaden cut a hole in the floor with Kyle's lightsaber and the two escaped to Yavin IV.

Kyle also supervised Jaden’s investigation to Byss as Rosh, who had previously tasked with this mission, disappeared there. Once they arrived at the planet’s remnants, they immediately felt the lack of Force energy, where there once had been a great presence. This gave them an idea of just how powerful Tavion was. However, as they attempted to leave, an Imperial Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser jumped out of hyperspace and intercepted them before they could leave. They boarded the cruiser and attempted to disable the tractor beam. In doing so, Kyle made his way to set the self destruct where Jaden was ordered to deactivate the tractor beam. While they were still on, the cruiser called for help and Jaden was forced to go and defend the vessel until Kyle could finish setting the self destruct. Once he was finished, they left and allowed the ship to blow up behind them, as the blast took out the few remaining TIE Fighters.

While at the Academy, before they took off to confront Tavion on Korriban, Kyle had received a distress signal from Rosh on Taspir III. Kyle persuated Jaden and they traveled to Taspir III in response. When they arrived on the planet, Kyle had Jaden travel around the back way to gain entrance to the power facility inside. Weaving his way around the canyon side, he eventually made his way into the facility. Once inside, Jaden was confronted by Alora, Tavion’s apprentice. She had set a trap through detonation charges and blew the entrance to the facility, giving her time to flee. He finally reached her in a loading bay, full of cartons and canisters and Rosh. Jaden confronted him, but Rosh pleaded with him to spare his life. Alora tempted him with the Dark Side, hoping he would give in and kill Rosh. Kyle intervened with the Force, warning Jaden not to do it. Jaden deactivated his lightsaber. Alora was sickened by this act of redemption and leaped in. Jaden fended her off for as long as he could before she was able to cut off Rosh’s arms. Jaden jumped in to finish her off. Jaden and Alora battled on the loading bay, as Rosh lay on the ground in pain. Jaden managed to kill Alora and ran back to Rosh’s location. Just as he got to Rosh, Kyle entered. Together, they helped Rosh out of the loading bay. Kyle ordered Jaden to continue on to Korriban, while he took Rosh back to the academy. Jaden insisted on helping Kyle, but he refused. Jaden was needed on Korriban to stop Tavion from resurrecting Marka Ragnos. Jaden returned to his fighter and traveled to Korriban and the Valley of the Dark Lords.

After Jaden confronted Tavion and stopped the disciples of Ragnos, he walked down the tomb's platform to meet Kyle and Luke. He told them both that it was done, and that Tavion was killed by the power of Ragnos’ spirit. They returned to Yavin IV, where Rosh was finishing replacing his arm with a new cybernetic arm. Kyle and Luke talked with Jaden and Rosh about possible future plans with the Jedi Order.

In the alternate non-canon Dark Side ending, Jaden kills Rosh and falls to the dark side. He wants the power of scepter for himself. Kyle tries to stop him from doing so and they fight each other. Jaden defeats the Jedi Master, who uses the Force to pull Jaden's lightsaber from his hands. Kyle can also uses his martial skills against Jaden.

Star Wars: Empire at WarEdit

"Time for a little payback!"

In this game and its expansion Forces of Corruption, Kyle Katarn is a Tier 2 Rebel hero and can be purchased for 1200 credits at the Command Center.

He does the highest ranged damage out of all infantry heroes, killing several Stormtroopers with every burst from his blaster and will defeat Mara Jade or Boba Fett in a duel. Against vehicles or turrets, he can throw his Thermal Detonator, which will guaranteedly take out at least one of them. If that is not enough, he will have to use Sprint. This other ability doubles his speed to allow him to escape from tough engagements or run past turrets into safer territory.

If you face him as the Empire, then a group of TIE Maulers and 2-M Repulsor Tanks would be enough to kill him, provided that you avoid the Thermal detonator by having the vehicle/s he targets (obvious, since he will start running in a very specific way) move sideways. This will cause the Detonator to miss and land on the ground: it will still go off but now you can protect your vehicles by moving them out of the area, then resuming chase once it's neutralised.

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