Mygeeto Map

A Map of Mygeeto as seen in Battlefront II

Mygeeto: War-Torn City is a level on Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. It is playable during both the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras (playable as CIS, Grand Army of the Republic, Rebel Alliance, or Galactic Empire).

Mygeeto war torn cityRSpic

An image of Mygeeto as seen in Renegade Squadron

Mygeeto was a snowy planet seen in the last part of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, when the clone army is turning on all the Jedi. The buildings and walkways of Mygeeto are all made of metal, and the whole place reeks of technology. In the film, the only sequence in which we really get a glimpse of the planet is the part mentioned above, when Ki-Adi Mundi is leading a batallion of clones through the smoke-covered city only to be gunned down by his own men. An interesting thing in Historical Campaign,

The level is a relatively large one, with tanks and turrets available at different command posts, although, since we barely see the planet in the film, there are no recognizable features there. The main arena is a road that comes all the way around a large building (inaccessable) with one large square and a couple smaller ones. There are also two roads leading off of the main road, one to a power generator and the other to a drop point. The layout of the map lends itself to long-range combat, and you will only be battling close-up if you are in or near one of the buildings or trying to take over a command post. The presence of vehicles makes this an area full of fast-paced action with plenty of explosions beside.

Battlefront IIEdit

In the Rise of the Empire campaign, the 501st Legion must penetrate the CIS lines and take a few command posts in quick succession, which requires the destruction of a few shield generators along the way to clear a path for the infantry. Once the CPs are taken, General Ki-Adi-Mundi arrives to take command and aid in the fulfilment of the mission. The mission turns out to be to capture a power cell from the power generator in the CIS base and return it to a waiting LAAT at the drop point. Interestingly, the 501st journal states that the crystals found on Mygeeto were used in the Death Star's superlaser, the first mention we hear of the battle station in Battlefront II.

Renegade SquadronEdit

The levels graphics have been changed.

BFII and RS Mygeeto Comparison

Comparison between Battlefront II and Renegade Squadron graphics.


Trivia Edit

The name 'Mygeeto' is a reference to Megiddo, which is supposed to be the site of the last fight between good and evil, hence 'War-Torn City'. This is also the only map in the game to feature Ki-Adi-Mundi, with the exception of Mos Eisley Assault.

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