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Delta 38 (Boss)[edit | edit source]

"Delta Squad, lock and load!"
—RC-1138 "Boss"[src]

"You lizards need to learn I'm a lot scarier than you are."
"It's still kicking…I think we need to hit this thing again."
"Looks like a Geonosian Beam Weapon. By the Force this thing is UGLY."
"Hang tight, trooper. Delta Squad on our way."
"I've always admired these Wookiee Bowcasters. Artistry and fire-power in one package."
"Shotguns?! I didn't think anyone used projectile weapons anymore."
"Hm, An energy weapon that looks like a slug-thrower. I didn't think lizards were that nostalgic."
"An elegant weapon for a more civilized time, eh? Well guess what? Times have changed."
"Deltas! We got a nest here!"
"Get yourself some bacta, Delta."
"Come on, you fat ugly fierfeks. Come and get me!"
(When surprised by an ambush) Boss: "BLAST!" Fixer: "What's that, sir? I didn't copy." Boss: "Just some interference on the commlink."
(When radio contact is lost with Scorch/Delta 62 after he was ambushed). "Fixer, keep scanning for Six-Two. I don't want this to become a three-man squad."
(When infiltrating droid storage racks filled with thousands of Super Battle Droids) "Alone against all these droids....? Hmph... they don't stand a chance."
(After killing a Trandoshan mercenary ambushing him at close range, and getting the enemy's blood on his visor) "I wish they'd stop doing that."
"Stop limping around and get some bacta, soldier."
"Trenches. The Trandoshans have really dug in here. Not good."
Sev: "Here's hoping they don't surrender..." Boss: "Stow it, Seven."

(When ordering a demolitions operation) "Initiate radical restructuring, commando."

(When ordering a demolitions operation) "Delta, give me an explosive solution."

"All right squad. Let's get in there and start breaking things."
"What in Death's name is that?!"

"You. Bacta. Now."

"Take offensive formation."

"Delta squad, forming up."

Delta 40 (Fixer)[edit | edit source]

"Watch the Master at work."
"Six-Two, could you can the chatter until you've got something useful to say?"
"Blast! Get that Wookiee out of the firing area!" (Scorch: Okay, you tell him to retreat, Fixer.) "Uh...negative on that."
"String 'em along and we'll mop 'em up."
"Hold up, Squad…I'm getting a read on something big headed this way." (Scorch: Hope it's not a spider droid.) (A spider droid comes up from an elevator) (Sev: Guess what? It's a spider droid.)
"With all due respect, Sir, you're in my way."
"Enemy neutralized."
(Sev: Look at the size of that thing!) "There's the core ship sir." (Scorch: Are you sure Forty? I'm sure there's another one around the corner..)
"38, maybe you should let 62 handle the explosives."

"Behind you Three-Eight!"

Delta 07 (Sev)[edit | edit source]

"Good... more bugs, more kills."
"Just point me at the enemy and stay out of my way."
"Heheheh…stupid droids."
"That Merc couldn't hit the broad side of an Assault Ship."
"Boss, hold on to your guts while I rip out theirs."
"Damn! I don't believe it!" (Delta 62: "What's wrong, Sev?") "I've lost count of my kills!"
(On Kashyyyk, into a Trandoshan camp) (Delta 62: "This place is giving me the creeps.") "Ah Scorch...nothing better than a jungle hunt...hiding in the bush...putting a plasma bolt through a hostile's cranium (exhales)...makes me feel alive." (Delta 62: "Okay, now Oh-Seven's giving me the creeps…")
(After being assigned to a turret or anti-armor position)"Yes sir, but where is the fun in that."
"What's that?"(Delta 40: "Its a droid dispenser Oh-Seven. Next time, read the briefing.")
(Advisor: Once you're inside, commence disabling maneuvers.) "Disabling maneuvers?" (Scorch: Uh...blowing things up?) "Oh...I knew that."
(Scorch: I think Sev might have an anger problem.) "Well I think you have an intelligence problem."
(In Kashyyyk elevator)(Scorch: Um, why aren't we moving?)(Boss: Sev, the button?)"Oh! Sorry, sir."
"I think it... I see it! A Trade Federation battle ship!" (Scorch: Yeah, not even you can see into hyperspace, Sev.) "No, it's on the edge of the system. Take a look..." (ship jumps into system) (Scorch: Oh blast...)
"I love that crunchy sound they make when they die."
(Scorch: Sev, I thought you were invincible.) "Rule #39: Never say no to bacta."
"That's what I'm talking about. It's a power generator, in the middle of a TREE. Strange." (Scorch: Sev when this is done. I'm gonna make sure you get some R&R.)
"Area-pacification complete."
"38, you're sure you don't want someone who can shoot straight?"
(Scorch:"Why don't they just die?")"This wouldn't take so long if you could aim!"
(Scorch:"They just keep on coming.")"There just more meat for the grinder."

(Clone Advisor: "My scans show most or the remaining trandoshans are in the detention area." Fixer: "Why are they so fond of the detention block?" Boss: "Maybe it's the heat.") "I'll give 'em heat."

"I love my job."

"Looks more like a fortress. Should be fun."

Delta 62 (Scorch)[edit | edit source]

"If it weren't for all the guys trying to kill us, this wouldn't be such a bad place."
"If we're all clones, how come I'm the only one with a sense of humor?"
"That was for Delta 23! Or, or…was that 32?"
"I wonder what the weather's like on Kamino right now."
"You hear that, Sev? Someone thinks I'm excellent." (Sev: "Well, at least that makes two of you.")
"Look sir, droids!"
"Now I got bug juice all over my suit."

(Clone Advisor: "Delta 38, The detention area has an automated lockdown system.") "Well... It doesn't work."

(Core Ship Computer: "Critical System Failure in 4 minutes.") "Remind me to leave the ship before we destroy it next time."

Scorch: "Why don't we just fly out of here?!" Prosecutor Computer: "Engines Offline." Scorch: "*sigh...* Figures."

(After being assigned to a turret or anti-armor position)"Time to use a real weapon."
"Hehehe, that blew up real good."
Boss: "Scorch. I need a big hole.. right here" Scorch: "Would you like a large or small crater, sir?" Boss: "Just get us inside without killing the squad, okay Scorch?"
"These are the droids we're looking for."
"Rule #1: Kill them before they kill you."
"D'ya have to make such a mess?" (Sev: Rule 17: Always make sure they're dead.) "It looks dead to me." (Sev: It is now.)
"Rule #23: Never pull sentry duty on an empty stomach."
"Rule #39: Never say no to bacta."
"Rule #45, Sev: 'Any crash you can walk away from is a good one.'"
"One's an anomaly, two's a trend. Rule #89, Boss."
"Is it red, red, green, or red, green, red?" (Delta 07: "And he's supposed to be the demolitions expert?")
(After kicking a dead hostile) "Hey Sev, this one looks like your mother."
"Do you think we used enough?"
"I think Sev might have an anger problem." (Sev: Well I think you have an intelligence problem.)
"So lemme get this straight... the Trandos have stolen this ship... to give to the Separatists... to buy battle droids...?"(Sev: I hate it when they do that.)
"Hey Sev, how many (kills) have you got today psycho?" (Sev: More than you, wise guy.)
"Lizards give me the creeps! (Sev: "Everything gives you the creeps.")
"Well, the garden's got a pest problem.. Trandoshans." (Sev: Would you prefer baby wookiees?) "Umm... not really, too cute."
"Ah, another bug for my collection."
(Fixer: "ANOTHER hangar?") "What can ya say? Wookiees like hangars."
"Hey Forty, think we should call in some back up."
"The way these droids are swarming, one might think we weren't welcome."
"Can you die later, sir? It just isn't a good time now."
"The boss is down!......can I be in charge now?"
"Look! Fireworks!"
"I love that clunk-sound they make when they fall!"
"Sev, did that corpse give you a nasty look?" (Sev: Rule 17...) "Yeah yeah we know, always make sure they're dead."
"Anyone have a good story to pass the time?"
(After blowing up a Trandoshan Mercenary's fuel backpack) "Wheeee!"
"Now that is an ex-enemy."
"Oh, look... the base has ANOTHER level."
(After getting the anti-armor equipment) "Anti-armor... oh... this is nice Boss, very nice piece of ordnance here."
(Advisor: "Payload includes an anti-armor attachment for your DC-17, you're going to need it..")"YES! More explosives! You just made my day, Advisor!"
"Yeah! Wookiee life debts for everyone!"
"Great, now I've got squished bug guts all over my boots."
(When a Trandoshan Mercenary's backpack fuel tank is detonated) "Hey, I didn't know Trandoshans could fly!"
(Clone Advisor on a Dwarf Spider Droid: "Only its optical cluster is unshielded and vulnerable.") "In other words, shoot the big red spot!"
"WOOHOO! Eat plasma, you stupid droids! YEAH! Have some of that!"
"I don't think Trade Federation security appreciates our work here!"
"Oh? Is that where they keep the baby Wookiees?"
"Enemies go boom, sir?"
"Ordnance...? That's a bloody walker!"
"Uhm, 38, you're sure you want Mr. Deathwish set explosives?"
"Time to use a real weapon"

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