One of the two battles on Hoth in Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron takes place in Echo Base, a Rebel Alliance base. It consist of several corridors and rooms, along with open areas filled with trenches. The climate is freezing and due to the snow it is very bright. Artificial lights light up the corridors.

Hoth Echo Base Renegade Squadron Dark Trooper

An image on Hoth

Command PostsEdit

There are Health and Ammo Droids at every command post except the control room.

Galactic EmpireEdit

Look-Out Bunker Edit

The Look-Out Bunker is a small room with two out of three doors blocked by debris. The bunker is partially lit, due to the artificial lights. The 'window' is not blocked but it is impossible to fly through it, despite being able to fire through it, however there is nothing past the window except snow. The entrance/exit leads to the Control Room and a side passage leads to a back route to the Control Room and the Ion Cannon Hanger.

Control Room Edit

The Control Room is a room in the middle of two corridors, and next to the Look-Out Bunker, in the centre of the room there is a pile of debris. These provide cover for defenders or attackers who have entered the room. There are three entrances/exits. One leads to Look-Out Bunker after moving through an open area, with a crashed Snowspeeder and a dead Tauntaun. One of the corridors leads to the Ion Cannon Hanger and the other leads to an open area, filled with trenches, which is next to the Ion Cannon Bunker

Rebel AllianceEdit

Ion Cannon BunkerEdit

The Ion Cannon Bunker is a raised structure in the centre of a snow filled field. At the side there is a crashed Gunship, and trenches which provides great cover for attackers. There are two sets of stairs which act as entrances and exits, but the windows can be climbed through. The command post can also be taken from the roof making it very hard to defend. By heading to the large opening you will be lead to the Ion Cannon Hangar, and by entering the small corridor you will find the Control Room.

Ion Cannon HangarEdit

The Ion Cannon Hangar is full of bits of metal stairs, used to get into ships, these provide great cover. By moving into a square 'room', with a snow filled centre you can get to the Control Room or the area with the crashed Snowspeeder. If you exit through the main entrance/exit of the hangar you are in front of the Ion Cannon Bunker.


Hero StrategyEdit

Both heroes are very effective in the corridors and bunkers but they are easy targets in the open areas, so if you are a hero in the open area, stick to the trenches and other forms of cover, until you get in to a corridor etc.


There are no vehicles in this battlefront, except the crashed Snowspeeder etc.

Capture The FlagEdit

Each teams flag zone is at their bunker. The best tactic is group together in two groups and attack from all the directions that the enemy is at, then get the flag and run! The Empire has a much easier time as they can surround the Rebel bunker and jet through the windows.

Capture the Flag ModesEdit