Skor II
Skor II

Outer Rim Territories


Airam sector


Skor system


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Primary terrain


Points of interest

Metrobig Interplanetary Blastport

Native species


Official language
  • Old High Squibbian
  • Squibbian
  • Basic
Major cities

Metrobig City

Major imports
  • Garbage
  • Salvage
Major exports
  • Natural Resources
  • Laborers
  • Refurbished High Tech
  • Tensor weapons
  • Tractor beams

Skor II was a planet native to the Squibs. Mace Windu fought on Skorr II during the Clone Wars


A sentient species known as the Squibs evolved on Skor II. The diminutive beings, split into various tribes, had to wander the world in search of daily necessities due to the uneven distribution of the world's natural resources. Nevertheless, they evolved an innate curiosity and proclivity for collecting that eventually forced some tribes to settle down and found villages. Other tribes kept up their traditional nomadism and took on the added mantle of traders, bringing goods from far-flung regions as they wandered the globe. Haggling attained a heretofore unseen importance in Squib culture and was perfected to an artform. Technology on Skor II advanced to early mass production.

Beginning c. 5,500 BBY, traders from the Tapani sector began blazing new hyperlanes in the galaxy's southern reaches. Sometime during this process, Skor II received its first offworld visitor, a Dorcin merchant vessel. The Squibs negotiated for the technical specifications of hyperspace technology, and the Dorcin gained mineral rights to an arctic region of the planet. The Squibs took to the stars, and their world became progressively linked to the outside galaxy. The Tapani merchant hyperlane, which came to be known as the Rimma Trade Route, grew to be one of the most heavily trafficked in the galaxy, Inflows of trade and the Squibs' mastery of bargaining helped the planet prosper. Squibs spread across the galaxy; one group crash-landed on the planet Holador and was forced to eke out a living there. Sometime before 20 BBY, Skor II joined the Galactic Republic.

Although Ebareebaveebeedee largely kept his planet out of galactic politics during the Galactic Civil War, he did sign contracts with the Galactic Empire to place Squib laborers aboard capital ships to work in waste disposal. After a group of Rebel agents aided the Squib government in vandalizing the Paradise system, home to the rival Ugors, the king signed a pact of mutual support with the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The world remained neutral after the Empire's defeat at Endor in 4 ABY. That same year, an Imperial warlord named Delvardus asserted his control over the systems of the Rimma Trade Route, but New Republic forces pushed him into the Deep Core by the middle of the year.


Skor II was the homeworld of the Squibs, a species of meter-tall humanoid rodents known for their irrepressible temperaments, uncontrollable curiosity, and love for collecting and trading items of every description. The world's native languages included Squibbian and its ancestral form, Old High Squibbian. Most Squibs knew Basic, although few spoke it with any fluency.

After its discovery by a Dorcin trader, the world's native technology advanced to the galactic standard. The planet was located on the Rimma Trade Route, and by the time of the New Order, it had grown into a prosperous trade world.

Since its first encounter with the galactic market, Skor II was an exporter of raw materials. As the world advanced in technology, the major imports were salvage and garbage from across the galaxy. Squib corporations reorganized, refurbished, repackaged, and resold this "junk," especially on less populated worlds away from major trade routes. Goods of Squib design included highly efficient tractor beams and weapons based on them, known as tensor weapons. Despite the technical aptitude of its inhabitants, however, Skor II was best known as an exporter of labor. Squibs from the world toiled across the galaxy as trash collectors and garbage workers.

The planet was governed by the Squib Polyanarchy, a loose coalition of autonomous communes. The head of state was known as the king, although this individual rarely intervened in local affairs. Skor II was the headquarters of the Squib Merchandising Consortium, a state corporation that operated waste disposal services across the galaxy. Every Squib was at least a nominal employee. The head of the SMC was known as the Illustrious Chieftain of Junkyards. King Ebareebaveebeedee held this post during the Galactic Civil War.


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