Jedi Knight Dark Forces II
Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II




Game engine

SITH Engine

Release date

October 9, 1997




Single player, Multiplayer


ESRB: Teen (T)



"And a Knight shall come, a battle will be fought, and the prisoners go free."
Star Wars: Dark Forces: Rebel Agent

Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II (often abbreviated JK by fans) is a first person shooter computer game released on October 9, 1997, by LucasArts. This was the first game in the series to include multiplayer capabilities over the Internet or over a LAN. It was also the first computer game to allow players to take control of a Jedi character using both The Force and lightsabers in a multiplayer setting.

The game is well known for its use of live-action cutscenes.


Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

Dark Forces II
Jedi Knight

Since the destruction of the second DEATH STAR,
the Rebel Alliance has 
begun the difficult process
of building the New Republic.

Seizing the opportunity for control of the galaxy,
new rival armies arise.

The most dangerous of these are the DARK JEDI.
Their leader, JEREC, 
seeks the legendary VALLEY OF THE JEDI.

Within this lost battleground he will find
the untold power to destroy 
peace and justice in the galaxy...


In a direct sequel to Dark Forces, players again take control of former Imperial Officer Kyle Katarn who must learn the ways of the Force and the use of a lightsaber to fight the Sith Lord Jerec, who was responsible for the death of Kyle's father Morgan Katarn. Jerec is joined by six other Dark Jedi: Sariss, Boc, Yun, Maw, and the brothers Gorc and Pic, and has a mission of his own - harness the enormous power of the Valley of the Jedi and conquer the galaxy.

Players can use a variety of blasters and explosives throughout the game, and must battle various smugglers and other hostile non-player characters (NPCs). Kyle must battle each of the Dark Jedi in lightsaber combat before defeating Jerec. Once Kyle recieves his father's lightsaber, Force powers also become available (neutral, Dark and Light variants). The player's path towards either the Dark or Light side of the Force is dependent upon the player's own involvement in the game - murder helpless civilians and Kyle will move towards the Dark side, do no harm to the same civilians and Kyle will stay on the side of the Light. The player's actions not only define what Force powers are available, but also certain choices Kyle makes during the game. As a result of this, there are two separate endings following Kyle's defeat of Jerec - Kyle either stays upon the path of the lightside and joins Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy (canon, see Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast) or takes the power of the Valley for himself, and thus becomes the new Emperor.


There are a total of 10 weapons in the game, ranging from blasters to rifles and explosives, to the fabled lightsaber. All weapons have two modes of fire.

Df2 bryarpistol

The Bryar pistol

The Bryar PistolEdit

At the start of the game Katarn must fight with just the Bryar pistol. It's weak attack is made up for by its accuracy, particularly from a distance. It features a secondary fire mode whereby a stronger, and equally accurate, blast can be charged before being fired.

Df2 stormt rifle

Stormtrooper Rifle

Stormtrooper RifleEdit

The Stormtrooper rifle has a faster rate of fire than Katarn's Bryar pistol, and features a quick-fire secondary mode which releases three rounds in quick succession. It's higher rate of fire also makes it a less accurate weapon, however. It is worth noting that although the game defines this as the Stormtrooper rifle, other hostile characters carry it too and it is picked up quite early on in the game

Df2 thermaldets

Thermal Detonator

Thermal DetonatorsEdit

Thermal Detonators work much in the same way as hand grenades. When thrown, they explode on impact and can cause damage to enemies and some scenery. They have a secondary fire mode of a timed device, whereby the explosion is delayed by three seconds.

Df2 bowcaster

Wookiee Bowcaster

Wookiee BowcasterEdit

The Wookiee Bowcaster is the weapon of choice for the Wookiee race. Working much like an advanced crossbow, it fires green 'bolts' to cause damage. By charging it, more bolts are fired at the same time. It's secondary fire mode is much the same, yet the bolts can bounce of surfaces and around corners.

Df2 imprepeater

Imperial Repeater

Imperial RepeaterEdit

The Imperial Repeater is an advanced Stormtrooper rifle, with greater accuracy than that weapon and very high rate of fire. It is carried by advanced Stormtroopers and some Imperial Officers later in the game. It's primary mode fires from one of three barrels on the weapon, whilst its secondary mode fires all three barrels at once.

Df2 railgun

Rail Detonator

Rail DetonatorEdit

The Rail Detonator works much in the same way as a grenade launcher, whereby it fires grenade-style explosives ('Rails') which explode on impact. Much like the Thermal Detonators, the secondary fire mode uses timed explosives which detonate after a three-second delay.

Df2 seqcharges

Sequencer Charge

Sequencer ChargesEdit

Sequencer Charges operate in the same way as mines. They can be placed on almost any surface (not necessarily the ground) and will detonate after a timed delay. The secondary mode is a proximity device, which will explode when approached, either by the player or NPCs.

Df2 concrifle

Concussion Rifle

Concussion RifleEdit

The Concussion Rifle is the heaviest artillery in the game, firing large blue bolts of energy that can destroy anything they touch, but with the downside of such an attack being damaging to the player in close quarters. For such instances, the Concussion Rifle features a secondary mode akin to a shotgun blast.

The LightsaberEdit

The lightsaber is acquired at the start of mission 4. It works much in the same way as presented in any other Star Wars computer game, with the ability to deflect laser blasts without much effort. It's primary 'fire' is a single strike, whilst its secondary mode is a sweeping double-stroke.

Force PowersEdit

Df2 forceneutral

The four neutral Force powers (clockwise from top-left: Speed, Jump, Pull, Seeing)

Once the lightsaber is attained in Mission 4, Force powers become available to the player. All Force powers begin on the weakest level (Level 1) but the player can earn Force 'stars' by discovering secret areas in the game, which can be spent on upgrading any available power. The more stars spent on a power, the stronger that power becomes (ie, a Level 4 Force Jump player can jump higher than a Level 1 Force Jump player). There are four main Force powers considered 'neutral' (ie, regardless of Light/Dark affiliation).


  • Force Speed - The ability to run at great speeds.
  • Force Jump - The ability to jump at great heights.
  • Force Pull - The ability to pull weapons and other items towards the character.
  • Force Seeing - Allows the player to see his environment more clearly. It also negates any use of either Force Persuasion or Force Blinding.

There are five separate Force powers for each the Light and Dark sides of the Force in the game:


Df2 forcelight

The five Light Force powers (clockwise from top-left: Healing, Persuasion, Blinding, Absorb, Protection)

  • Force Healing - Heals the player.
  • Force Persuasion - Renders the player invisible to any other character that doesn't have the Force Seeing ability (non-Jedi NPCs, etc.)
  • Force Blinding - Blinds any NPCs.
  • Force Absorb - Absorb allows the player to literally 'absorb' the mana from an enemy character's use of the Force.
  • Force Protection - Protection from damage (except high falls). This Force power is only available to players who have remained true to the Light side throughout the game (not spent a single star on a Dark side power, not killed any civilians, etc.)


Df2 forcedark

The five Dark Force powers (clockwise from top-left: Throw, Grip, Lightning, Destruction, Deadly Sight)

  • Force Throw - Debris such as crates can be thrown towards enemies as weapons.
  • Force Grip - Chokes an enemy, whilst also slowing them down.
  • Force Lightning - The player can fire bolts of deadly lightning at their enemies.
  • Force Destruction - Uses nearly all the mana of a player, but projects a large fireball that causes destruction to nearly everything around it.
  • Force Deadly Sight - Any character in the player's field of vision will be weakened by this power. Similarly to Force Protection, this Force power is only available to players who have remained true to the Dark side throughout the game (not spent a single star on a Light side power, killed many civilians, etc.)


Note: due to the separate paths presented in the game, certain levels vary depending on whether Kyle is on the Light side of the Force or the Dark. All 25 possible missions are listed here, though it should be noted that if a level has a Light / Dark variant, only one of the these will played per game (it is not possible, say, to play all 25 missions in one game).

# Mission Objectives Secret Areas Force Rewards
1 Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa Find 8t88 before he escapes with your father's data disc. 6 1 Force Star
2 The Lost Disk Recover your father's datadisk from clutches of 8t88's severed arm. 8 1 Force Star
3 The Return Home to Sulon Find your way into your father's home to look for Weegee and Qu Rahn's lightsaber. 8 1 Force Star
4 The Jedi's Lightsaber Fight your way through the irrigation tunnels behind your father's house and rendezvous with Jan. 8 3 Force Stars, Force Speed
5 Baron's Hed, The Fallen City Follow the canal into the besieged city of Baron's Hed. 6 1 Force Star
6 Into the Dark Palace Find a route through the ruins to the palace tower. 1 3 Force Stars, Force Jump
7 Yun - The Dark Youth Defeat Yun. 0 Force Pull
8 Palace Escape Escape from the ballroom to the palace rooftop. 5 3 Force Stars
9 Fuel Station Launch Board the cargo ship before it takes off. 10 1 Force Star, Force Seeing
10 8t88's Reward Find 8t88's shuttle. 6 3 Force Stars
11 Gorc and Pic - The Brothers of the Force Defeat Gorc and Pic. 0 Force Healing (Light) or Force Throw (Dark)
12 Escape With the Map Find the Crow and escape. 4 3 Force Stars
13 The Lost Planet of the Jedi Head to the base of the Valley. 7 1 Force Star
14 Maw - The Revenge Defeat Maw. 0 2 Force Stars
15a The Falling Ship (Light) Race to the captured Moldy Crow in the landing bay before the cargo ship crashes into the

canyon floor below.

1 1 Force Star
15b Into the Darkside (Dark) Race to the captured Moldy Crow in the landing bay before the cargo ship crashes into the

canyon floor below.

1 1 Force Star
16a Sariss - Jedi Battleground (Light) Defeat Sariss. 0 2 Force Stars
16b Yun - Battle to the Death (Dark) Defeat Yun for a second time. 0 2 Force Stars
17 The Valley Tower Ascent Find your way into the main superstructure. 6 1 Force Star
18 Descent into the Valley Lower the payload through the cargo staging area and enter the Valley interior. 7 3 Force Stars
19 The Valley of the Jedi Find your way to the entrance of the Valley of the Jedi. 8 1 Force Star
20a Boc - The Crude (Light) Defeat Boc. 0 None
20b Boc - A Nuisance (Dark) Defeat Boc. 0 None
21a Jerec - The Force Within (Light) Defeat Jerec. 0 None
21b Jerec - Battle for Power (Dark) Defeat Jerec. 0 None