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Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Raven Software



Release date

September 16, 2003 (PC)
November 18, 2003 (Xbox)


First-person shooter


Single player, Multiplayer


ESRB: Teen (T)
USK: 16


PC, Xbox, Mac

"Is it just me, or are those Rodians kind of creepy?"
Human Mercenary[src]

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is a Star Wars game in which the player is the Jedi Jaden Korr, who can be a different gender and species according to the player's choice, during the Cult crisis. Throughout the game, Jaden learns different Force powers. The player had the choice at the beginning of each mission to put one power point on one power and engage that skill. There are Dark Side powers, such as Force lightning and Force grip and there are Light Side powers, such as Force heal and Force absorb, and there are neutral powers, such as Force jump and Force pull that progress on their own over the course of the game. Also, before each mission the player get to choose which weapons he'd like to carry, such as the E-11 and Bowcaster.

Opening crawl[]

Ten years after the
Battle of Endor,
continues to be driven
back by the NEW REPUBLIC,
forcing the Imperials to adopt
increasingly desperate
tactics in the ongoing

Meanwhile, Jedi Master
moves to restore the
JEDI to their formal place
as peacekeepers of the
galaxy at his JEDI ACADEMY
on Yavin 4.

promising student from
Coruscant, is en route to
the Academy after
achieving the impossible:
creating a lightsaber
without any formal Jedi training…

The Beginning[]

The six possible species as chosen by the player

The scene started on a transport to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, where Jaden met Rosh, a male Human who was nervous about going to the Academy. He babbled on about how nervous he was, and how far Jaden must be ahead of him as Jaden already had his own lightsaber. Something hit the ship and it crashed, beginning the first mission.


There were two training missions, both on Yavin IV.

Yavin: Find the Temple[]

The Forest on Yavin IV near the crash

The first mission in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy was for Jaden to make his way from the crashed Temple ship and into the Academy. Jaden learned the very basics of combat, fighting several Howlers on his way. Once the two got within sight of the Temple, Rosh spotted two stormtroopers and suggested that Jaden kill them, since he was “the one with the lightsaber."

Once Jaden did that, a Disciple of Ragnos leaped down from the trees into a small valley, which Jaden needed to leap into to attack him from. The mission ended with the death of the disciple, and a cut scene, showing Jaden's discovery of three Disciples using a scepter of some sort firing a beam onto one of the Temples.

Yavin: Training[]

Rosh Penin unleashing the combat droid on Jaden Korr

The next mission was training, after being selected by Luke Skywalker to be Kyle Katarn’s apprentice, where Jaden learned the basics of lightsaber combat and using his Force powers. The first test was a trial against several remotes, much like the ones used to train Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. From there Jaden moved on to an open courtyard with a stream in the middle, which is spanned by a broken bridge. The next test was to jump the bridge.

Once Jaden had jumped the bridge, he needed to Force push a wall to get to the next area, where he encountered Rosh. Rosh unleashed a combat droid, armed with a lightsaber, to slow Jaden down. The rest of the level included using Jaden’s Force pull to pull an unreachable lever to open a door, use Force sense and Force pull to locate and pull two bricks mostly out of the wall to form a staircase up to the next level and use Force speed to run past a closing door.

At the end, Jaden met up with Rosh and Kyle Katarn, both their Master, who warned Rosh about unleashing the droid against Jaden and warned Jaden about controlling his anger.

As a Trainee[]

The first set of four missions (although five are available to play, and all five may be played if the player chooses to) started Jaden off as a Jedi Trainee.

Trainee missions[]

  1. Cult Investigation - Corellia
  2. Droid Recovery - Tatooine
  3. Mercenary Activity - Tatooine
  4. Emergency Assistance - Bakura
  5. Merchant Rescue - Blenjeel

(The player can choose four missions that will be completed, and the fifth is optional. If the player chooses to take it, they still get all the same starting bonuses as the first four (choose a Force power/weapons)).

Jaden on Hoth, in Echo Base

After Jaden completed his fourth (or fifth, if he chose so) mission, Jaden returned to the Academy. Upon returning, Luke discovered that his journal of all the places he felt the Force strongest was missing. He also discovered that the dark force aura from the Temple was missing and assumed that the Disciples used the scepter to drain the energy. He and Kyle organized separate teams to search each planet and see if the force had been drained from each site. Jaden was sent on a mission to Echo Base - Hoth to find out if any Disciples of Ragnos have visited there. While Jaden was there, he encountered an Imperial garrison that was stationed there, along with a couple Disciples. He accidentally overheard a cultist talking to his superior who apparently was still in the base. Jaden immediately made his way to the hangar where he encountered Alora, the apprentice to the Dark Jedi behind the Disciples. Once Jaden completed the mission, he returned to the Academy on Yavin and reported his findings to Master Skywalker, and was granted the rank of Jedi Apprentice.

As an Apprentice[]

As with the Trainee missions, there were five, but only four were needed to be chosen. After the fourth, the player could choose whether to complete the fifth mission or return to the Academy.

Apprentice Missions[]

  1. Rescue Mission - Nar Kreeta
  2. Meet Contact - Zonju V
  3. Covert Operation - Kril'dor
  4. Capture Crime Lord - Coruscant
  5. Cult Investigation - Dosuun

Jaden Korr battles Rosh Penin on Vjun.

Once the missions were completed, Jaden returned to the Academy, where was sent out on yet another mission, this time to Bast Castle - Vjun with Kyle to investigate if the Disciples had visited the planet due to its immense dark force aura. On Vjun, Jaden had to fight his former training mate, Rosh, who was captured by the Disciples and turned to the Dark Side. He was on Vjun with the Kothos Twins, who do not wield lightsabers but only use the Force. Once Jaden defeated them, Kyle arrived and attempted to turn Rosh from the Dark Side, when Tavion, the unrevealed mastermind of the entire plot, appeared. Tavion was preparing to destroy Kyle when Jaden force guided his saber to the ceiling causing it to collapse, risking his life. Rosh jumped out of the way after pushing Tavion. While Rosh and Tavion escaped, and Kyle used the Force to hold the rocks up until Jaden could cut through the floor with Kyle's lightsaber. Once Jaden and Kyle returned to the Academy, Jaden was promoted again, and needed a new lightsaber.

At this point the player could choose to stick with the traditional single-bladed lightsaber or move on to the more complicated two lightsabers fighting style, or even the difficult to use, but exceptionally powerful double-bladed lightsaber, or saberstaff. Also, the player could choose a new hilt for their lightsaber/lightsabers and a new color for their blade.

As a Knight[]

As with the Apprentice missions, there were five, but only four needed to be chosen. After the fourth, the player could choose whether to complete the fifth mission or return to the Academy.

Knight Missions[]

  1. Cult Sighting - Chandrila
  2. Cult Investigation - Tanaab
  3. Dismantle Device - Yalara
  4. Force Theft Investigation - Byss
  5. Weapon Destruction - Ord Mantell

Jaden fights Alora on Taspir III.

After Jaden had completed the required amount of levels, Jaden returned to the Academy where he found out that Luke was organizing a group to travel to Korriban. But Kyle told Jaden that they had to stop off someplace else before they could join the group. The Academy had received a distress call from Power Facility - Taspir III concerning Rosh. Once on the planet, Jaden had to weave his way around the exterior of the facility, trying to find an entrance into the facility. Once inside, Jaden was confronted by Alora. Jaden chased Alora throughout the facility until he found Rosh. Rosh admitted turning to the dark side and begged Jaden to forgive him. Here, Jaden was given a choice: kill Rosh and turn to the Dark Side or spare him and remain a Jedi. Either way, Jaden had to face off with Alora and kill her. From there, Jaden made his way to Korriban.


Once on Korriban, Jaden met up with some fellow Jedi’s and found out that Luke had sent another group which landed in the Valley of the Dark Lords, where the tomb of Marka Ragnos lied.

Jaden entering the Valley of the Dark Lords

Jaden and the group of Jedi had to find their way to the Valley floor. Once on the Valley floor, Jaden circled around to find Marka's tomb, with Tavion inside. Tavion and Jaden faced off, but Tavion was easily beaten. She swore not to run away again, like she did when she faced Kyle, and leaped onto Ragnos' tomb and slammed the scepter into the tomb, releasing the force ghost of Marka Ragnos. Marka consumed Tavion and confronted Jaden himself, revealing a sword hidden within the scepter. Jaden defeated Marka and sent his spirit back into the tomb, killing Tavion, and destroying the sceptor. When Jaden exited the tomb, he threw his lightsaber to destroy the entrance to the tomb, making it difficult for anyone to get back inside. Finally, a small fleet of Mon Calimari Cruisers exited hyperspace and cleared out the orbital Imperial fleet, freeing the planet for evacuation. Jaden, Luke, and Kyle returned to the Academy, where Jaden was proclaimed a true Jedi Knight. It closed with Rosh getting a new cybernetic arm, after Alora cut it off, and Jaden and Kyle talking about future adventures they may experience.

Alternative Ending[]

Jaden, now in control of the ISD orbiting Korriban (Alternate Ending).

In the game, the player had a choice to either turn to the light side or the dark side, when they confront Rosh for the second time. If the player chose the dark side, Jaden charged Rosh and stabbed him, mortally wounding him, though he died later on in Kyle's arms. Alora spoke up, tempting him to join Tavion and her cause. Jaden refused and killed Alora. He, then, traveled to Korriban where the rest of the Jedi Order had journeyed to stop Tavion. Once he arrived, Jaden attacked two fellow Jedi Knights and killed them. From then on, every Jedi Jaden saw attacked him, as well as all the Dark Jedi. When Jaden made it down to the Valley floor, and arrived at the tomb of Ragnos to find Tavion trying to resurrect Marka Ragnos. Jaden fought Tavion, killing her as she tried to use the scepter on him. At that moment, Kyle Katarn entered the tomb and spoke to Jaden, but Jaden refused to listen. Jaden and Kyle faced off, but Jaden used the scepter to bring down part of the tomb ceiling on Kyle, trapping him. Jaden escaped, leaving Kyle for dead only to have Luke come in and help Kyle out of the rubble. Jaden left Korriban and headed up to the orbital Imperial fleet where Jaden assumed command of the fleet, after killing the admiral, and jumped into hyperspace.



Enter the following codes while playing. You'll hear a confirmation sound if entered correctly:

  • Invincibility - Hold the Right thumbstick and press Down, Up, Left, Right, Down, Up on the D-Pad.
  • All Force Powers - Hold the Right thumbstick and press Left, Down, Right, Up, Down, Down on the D-Pad.
  • Unlimited Force Power - Hold the Right thumbstick and press Up, Down, Up, Left, Up, Right on the D-Pad.
  • Skip Level - Hold the Right thumbstick and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right on the D-Pad.


Open the console by holding the "shift" key and pressing ~ .

To activate the console, type in "helpusobi 1" or "devmapall".

  • Invincibility - Type "god" (type again to deactivate)
  • All Force Powers - Type "setforceall" (1, 2, 3, or 4) Option 4 also contains the effect of the cheat "setmindtick 4" for possesing enemies.
  • Force Jump - Type "setforceJump (0-4)". Each number represents the duration of the force jump.
  • Lightsaber Throw - Type "setSaberThrow (0-4)". Each number represents the duration of the lightsaber throw.
  • Force Push - Type "setforcePush (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Force Pull - Type "setforcePull (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Force Speed - Type "setforceSpeed (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Force Absorbation - Type "setforceAbsorb (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Force Protect - Type "setforceProtect (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Force Heal - Type "setforceHeal (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Mind Trick - Type "setMindtick (0-3)" to change the rank of the force power. Also type "setMindtrick 4" to controll the bodies of other characters, with the use of mind trick. (only works against enemies)
  • Force Drain - Type "setforceDrain (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Force Grip - Type "setforceGrip (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Force Lightning - Type "setforceLightning (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Dark Rage - Type "setforceRage (0-4)". Each number represents the rank of the force power.
  • Lightsaber Offence - Type "setsaberOffence (0-4)". each number represents player's ability to break enemies' defences.
  • Lightsaber Defence - Type "setsaberDefence (0-4)". Each number represents player's ability for blast deflection.
  • 999 Health - Type "undying".
  • Obtain martial skill - Type "iknowkungfu". This allows the player to use advanced melee fight moves.
  • All Weapons + Full Health, Armor and Force - Type "give all"
  • Gain Max Health - Type "give health"
  • Gain Max Armor - Typer "give armor"
  • Gain Max Force - Type "give force"
  • Gain Weaponary - Type "give weapon_"(weapon's name). Obtain any weapon from the list bellow:
    • blaster_pistol
    • bowcaster
    • concussion_rifle
    • demp2
    • det_pack
    • disruptor
    • flechette
    • repeater
    • rocket_launcher
    • saber
    • thermal
    • trip_mine
    • bryar_pistol
    • stun_baton
    • blaster
    • melee
  • Gain Ammo - Type "give ammo"_(weapon's name). Gain amulation for any of the weapons in the list:
    • blaster
    • metallic_bolts
    • powercell
    • rockets
    • thermal
    • tripmine
    • detpack
  • Change lightsaber - type "saber single_(0-9)". To enable the character's lightsabers type "saber" (character's name). Type any of the lightsabers below:
    • Luke
    • Kyle
    • Tavion
    • Desann
    • Alora
    • Rosh
  • Enable double lightsaber - type "saber single_(0-9) single_(0-9)". You can also type any of the characters' lightsabers from the list above and cobine them with other lightsabers or between them.
  • Enable double-bladed lightsaber - type "saber dual_(0-9)"
  • Enable sith sword - Type "saber sith_sword". Also type "saber sith_sword sith_sword" for 2 sith swords.
  • Change lightsaber's blade color - Type "SaberColor (lightsaber's number) (color)". You can type lightsaber's number between "1" or "2" and colors among"green", "blue", "purple", "yellow", "orange" or "red". If you have one lighsaber type "1" and then the color. If you have two lightsabers type "1" to change the color of your primary lightsaber, or type "2" if you want to change the color of your secondary lightsaber. If you have double bladed lightsaber type "1" if you want to change the color of your primary blade, or type "2" if you want to change the secondary blade's color.
  • Change the speed of the game - Type "timescale (#)". Default speed is 1. You cannot type 0 or below as a number.
  • Pass through walls - Type "noclip" (type again to deactivate)
  • Invisibility - Type "notarget" (type again to deactivate)
  • Realistic combat - Type "g_saberrealisticcombat (1-20)"
  • More realistic combat - Type "g_sabermorerealistic (1-3)"
  • Pick up lightsabers - Type "g_pickupabledroppedsabers 1" Only works if enemy is killed. If you are holding a single saber, picking it up will enable you to have two. If you have a Double bladed lightsaber or pick up one, you will drop your current one. If you have dual sabers, you will drop one and pick up the other.
  • Change character - Type "playermodel" (character's name). Change to any character from the list bellow.
  • Generate character - Type "npc spawn" (character's name). Spawn any character in the list:
    • Luke (light)
    • Jan (light)
    • Kyle (light)
    • Desann (dark)
    • Tavion (dark)
    • ugnaught (dark)
    • Galak (dark)
    • Galak_mech (dark)
    • Lando (light)
    • Reelo (dark)
    • weequay (dark)
    • weequay2 (dark)
    • weequay3 (dark)
    • weequay4 (dark)
    • jeditrainer (light)
    • jedimaster (light)
    • jedi (light)
    • jedi2 (light)
    • jedi_hm1 (light)
    • jedi_hm2 (light)
    • jedi_hf1 (light)
    • jedi_hf2 (light)
    • jedi_rm1 (light)
    • jedi_rm2 (light)
    • jedi_tf1 (light)
    • jedi_tf2 (light)
    • jedi_kdm1 (light)
    • jedi_kdm2 (light)
    • jedi_zf1 (light)
    • jedi_zf2 (light)
    • jedi_random (light)
    • rodian (dark)
    • rodian2 (dark)
    • rebel (light)
    • imperial (dark)
    • gran (dark)
    • gran2 (dark)
    • granshooter (dark)
    • granboxer (dark)
    • trandoshan (dark)
    • prisoner (light)
    • prisoner2 (light)
    • probe (dark)
    • remote (dark)
    • interrogator (dark)
    • sentry (dark)
    • proto (dark)
    • gonk (droid)
    • mouse (droid)
    • mark1 (dark)
    • mark2 (dark)
    • ATST (dark)
    • protocol (droid)
    • protocol_ imp (droid)
    • R2D2 (droid)
    • R2D2_imp (droid)
    • R5D2 (droid)
    • rockettrooper (dark)
    • rockettrooper2officer (dark)
    • stormtrooper (dark)
    • stormpilot (dark)
    • swarmptrooper (dark)
    • shadowtrooper (dark)
    • stofficer (dark)
    • stofficeralt (dark)
    • stcommander (dark)
    • impworker (dark)
    • impcommander (dark)
    • impofficer (dark)
    • bartender (neutral)
    • bespincop (light)
    • reborn (dark)
    • rebornacrobat (dark)
    • rebornforceuser (dark)
    • rebornboss (dark)
    • rebornfencer (dark)
    • rebornchiss (dark)
    • Morgankatarn (ghost)
    • test (stormtrooper light)
    • seeker (light)
    • howler (nature)
    • glider (nature)
    • jedif (jedi jan) (light)
    • player (yourself)
    • Rosh_Penin (light)
    • Rosh_dark (dark)
    • Kyle_boss (light)
    • saber_droid (dark)
    • Chewie (light)
    • sand_creature (nature)
    • jawa (neutural)
    • tusken (dark)
    • tuskensniper (dark)
    • elder (light)
    • rancor (nature)
    • humman_merc (neutural)
    • wampa (dark)
    • reborn_new (dark)
    • reborn_new2 (dark)
    • cultist_grip (dark)
    • cultist_drain (dark)
    • cultist_lightning (dark)
    • reborn_dual (dark)
    • reborn_staff (dark)
    • rebornmaster (dark)
    • rebornmasterdual (dark)
    • rebornmasterstaff (dark)
    • cultist_saber_strong_throw (dark)
    • cultist_saber_strong_throw2 (dark)
    • cultist_saber_med_throw (dark)
    • cultist_saber_strong (dark)
    • cultist_saber_med (dark)
    • Alora (dark)
    • Alora_dual (dark)
    • Dkothos (dark)
    • Vkothos (dark)
    • Tavion_new (dark)
    • Tavion_scepter (dark)
    • Tavion_sith_sword (dark)
    • Ragnos (ghost dark)
    • assassin_droid (dark)
    • Lannik_Racto (dark)
    • Rax (dark)
    • noghri (dark)
    • mutant_rancor (nature)
    • Boba_Fett (dark)
    • saboteur (dark)
    • saboteurpistol (dark)
    • saboteursniper (dark)
    • saboteurcommando (dark)
    • hazardtrooper (dark)
    • hazardtrooperconcussion (dark)
  • Spawn Vehicles- Type "npc spawn vehicle" (vehicle's name). Type any vehicle from the list:
    • tauntaun
    • wildtauntaun
    • wampa_vehicle
    • rancor_vehicle
    • swoop
    • swoop_cin
    • swoop_red
    • swoop_mp
    • swoop_mp2
    • x-wing
    • tie-fighter
    • tie-bomber
    • tie-bomber2
    • lambdashuttle
  • Kill all NPCs - type "npc kill all" - Note that this might also kill cutscene-only NPCs, and can cause the game to freeze when certain tripwires are not hit during said cutscenes.
  • Freeze all NPCs - Type "d_npcfreeze" (0-1). Type 1 to freeze and 0 to unfreeze.
  • Play any map from story - Type "map"(map's name). Play any map in the list: (Hint: That might cause problems with your order of your saved data)
    • t1_sour
    • t1_surprise
    • t1_fatal
    • t1_danger
    • t1_rail
    • hoth2
    • hoth3
    • t2_rancor
    • t2_trip
    • t2_wedge
    • t2_rogue
    • t2_dpred
    • t3_rift
    • t3_stamp
    • t3_hevil
    • t3_byss
    • t3_bounty
    • vjun1
    • vjun2
    • vjun3
    • taspir1
    • taspir2
    • kor1
    • kor2
  • Set maximum frame rate - Type "com_maxfps (X)"
  • Show maximum frame rate on screen - Type "cg_drawfps 1"
  • Show shaders - Type "shaderlist"
  • Change side - Type "playerteam" choose any of the list:
    • free (fight against both light and dark side)
    • neutral (neutral)
    • player (default)
    • enemy (dark side)
  • Knock back - Type "g_knockback x"
  • Taunt - Type "taunt". Taunts vary with lightsaber type.
  • Gloat - Type "gloat". Gloats vary with lightsaber type.
  • Meditate - Type "meditate".
  • Kill yourself - type "kill" or simply "killkorr".
  • Slow motion camera - Type "thereisnospoon"
  • Abandon Game - Typer "disconnect"
  • Exit Game - Type "quit"