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"We have all but destroyed the Jedi Knights. The Old Republic is crippled. They can do nothing to stop us now.

"But there is one thing standing in our way.

"One last Jedi who has yet to choose his true role in the galaxy. If he joins us on the path to darkness, those who fight alongside him will follow. But if he takes the path of a Jedi, those who join him will feel the vengeance of the darkside.
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Official Trailer

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Obsidian Entertainment



Game engine

Heavily Modified Odyssey engine

Release date

December 6, 2004 (Xbox)
February 8, 2005 (PC)


RPG, Third-person


Single player


ESRB: Teen (T)
PEGI: 12+


Xbox, PC

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is the sequel to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which was widely regarded as a major commercial and critical success. The original game, was developed by BioWare whereas The Sith Lords was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. According to the game's producers, the change of developers was because of BioWare's occupation with other games, such as Jade Empire and Dragon Age. The Sith Lords was constructed using an updated version of the Odyssey engine used in Knights of the Old Republic, which Obsidian obtained from BioWare after being recommended to develop the game.

The game takes place about five years after Knights of the Old Republic's conclusion and follows a completely different set of characters, with minor mentioning or cut scenes of previous characters. The conclusion of the first game varied depending on the choices of the player, with either the light side or dark side of the Force emerging triumphant — at the beginning of The Sith Lords, players specify which of the conclusions they wish the sequel to follow, making any form of guide extremely hard to make due to the amount of options and differences to the game. Regardless of how the original game ended, the beginning of The Sith Lords has the Sith, having almost completely destroyed the Jedi Order, being the key power to the galaxy despite being hidden. The character that the player takes control of is a Jedi Knight banished from the Order for disobeying the council's orders and is thought to be one of the last remaining Jedi, known as the Jedi Exile.

Some of the new characters who may join the exile are Kreia, who helps to mentor the exile into regaining the force within him, T3-M4 a droid with a mind of its own, Atton Rand, a ex-Sith Asssassin and Bao-Dur, a mechanic who served the exile in the Mandalorian Wars.

Some of the new planets the character visits are Telos IV, Onderon, Peragus II. Korriban and Dantooine, which also appeared in the original Knights of the Old Republic game, are also revisited. The Ebon Hawk, the ship used by the main character in the first game, once again makes an appearance, but this time is used as the Exile's ship.

Opening crawl[]

It is a perilous time for the
galaxy. A brutal civil war has
all but destroyed the Jedi
Order, leaving the ailing
Republic on the verge of

Amid the turmoil, the evil
Sith have spread across the
galaxy, hunting down and
destroying the remaining
Jedi Knights.

Narrowly escaping a deadly
Sith ambush, the last known
Jedi clings to life aboard a
battered freighter near the
ravaged world of Peragus…

Ally and Player Characters[]

It should be noted that in the canon storyline to The Sith Lords, the exile is female.


  • Jedi Exile, the main character.
  • 3C-FD, a temporary playable character.
  • T3-M4, a astromech Droid with a mind of its own.
  • Atton Rand, a scoundrel smuggler and a possible romantic option for a Female exile.
  • Kreia, a mentor of the exile who has a view of the galaxy without titles like Jedi and Sith.
  • Bao-Dur, a mechanic who served with the exile during the Mandalorian wars.
  • Bao-Dur's remote, a temporary playable character.
  • Brianna, otherwise known as the Handmaiden, a possible romantic option for a Male exile. (Will only join a male exiles party)
  • HK-47, a assassin droid the exile must rebuild.
  • B-4D4, a temporary character.
  • G0-T0, a crime lord droid who wishes to make the galaxy equal at all costs.
  • Hanharr, a Wookiee Bounty hunter. (Will only join a dark side exiles party)
  • Visas Marr, a Sith apprentice who uses the force to see, a possible romantic option for a Male exile.
  • Mira, a Female Human bounty hunter. (Will only join a neutral or light exiles party)
  • Canderous Ordo, a temporary character.
  • Mical, the disciple, will only join a Female exiles party, and is a possible romantic option.


Key Enemy Characters[]



Sentient Species[]


Critical Responses[]

The game was generally received well however it did not receive as many awards as the first game received. This may be because of the amount of cut content. Many fans were disappointed by the ending of the game but some owners of the PC version could find several data files that allow you to see Cut Ending to Knights of the Old Republic II. While many questions are still left unanswered, this does help clarify what could have happened to many of the members of your party (in terms of continuity cut content is rarely included in the overall canon)

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