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Star Wars: Republic Commando is a first-person shooter Star Wars computer and video game. It was released in the US on March 1, 2005, and was developed and published by LucasArts for the Windows and Microsoft Xbox platforms.


The game takes place around the Clone Wars between Episode II and Episode III. In the game, the player takes command of Delta Squad, a group of elite clone trooper called Clone commandos, specially bred on Kamino.

The elite Clone commandos were trained by Mandalorian mercenaries, as the clone template Jango Fett believed that they could learn more in live fire simulations. Once the Commandos were fully grown, they were divided up into groups of four, mainly called "pods".

The Commandos were instructed and trained by the most elite of warriors, people such as the Cuy'val Dar, a group of brilliant training sergeants hand-picked by Fett. The Commandos were trained in situations with live fire, making them realize just what the battles felt like.

The commando team featured in the game, known as Delta Squad, trained by Walon Vau, traveled to various locations in the Star Wars universe, including Kashyyyk and Geonosis, as well as a Acclamator I-class assault ship. The game is one of the first in the Star Wars universe to feature a more militaristic style, which sets a darker tone than most other games that are a part of Star Wars. The game developers say that if the other media are seen from the point of view of the Jedi, then Republic Commando is from the point of view of the clone troopers.



Delta Squad

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The Republic weapons are the main weapons used during the game. They are all quite useful for taking down all types of enemies.


Trandoshan WeaponsEdit

The Trandoshan weapons seem to be analogous to Human weaponry found on Earth . They are effective against Trandoshans and Geonosians, they also overload shields very quickly. However, they have little effect against droids' armored hulls.

Wookiee WeaponsEdit

Wookiee weapons are both large and effective. The Bowcaster has great range of abilities compared to average weapons while the Rocket Launcher is the most devastating weapon in the whole game.

Geonosian WeaponsEdit

Though there is only one Geonosian weapon that can be used, it is very unique.





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  • The game features systems that have been featured in other games, including Halo, Metroid Prime and Rainbow Six. For example, in the Xbox version, one analog stick moves the commando, and the other allows him to turn and look around. The HUD in the game has a similar feel to Metroid Prime, and the squad-based order system shares many similarities with the Rainbow Six games. The game also features a multiplayer mode for deathmatch and capture the flag gameplay, with Xbox Live support for 16 players on the Xbox, and the same for PC over the Internet. A new feature is being able to revive fallen squad members. If one of the clones in your squad loses his health you can order another clone or yourself to revive him, the clones will automatically do it if you are not in battle or if you lose your health.


  • Several holograms in the game display Aurebesh text which reads "I hate computers so much"
  • On the second part of the level "Attack of the Clones," during the ride down the booby trapped elevator, elevator music can sometimes be heard.
  • Some key differences between what is seen in the game and in the films are that all of the B1 battle droids have metallic-gray armor plating (which appears to be rusty). They also have oversized circular cybernetic eyes instead of black optical sensors. Also some species have had changes made on their physical structure. The Wookiees and the Geonosians, for example, are much taller than normal. The Geonosians also look more mechanical than as they are portrayed in the films. However, some of them are classified as Geonosian elites—who can belong to a different subspecies.
  • There are several references to the original trilogy quotes. When you approach B1 battle droids, Scorch says "Ah! These must be the droids we're looking for!" and "Look sir, droids.", and when you approach the Core Ship, Sev says "Look at the size of that thing", both references to A New Hope. When Boss is pointing his weapon at a lightsaber, he says, "An elegant weapon for a more civilized time, eh? Well guess what? Times have changed!" is another reference to A New Hope.


Republic Commando is notable for being the first entry in the official Star Wars game to feature licensed music. The song "Clones," performed by the band Ash, is played when the credits roll. Ash is known for their Star Wars fandom; their debut album was entitled 1977, and contained numerous Star Wars references.

The main bulk of the soundtrack is a break from convention of previous Star Wars games that use abridged versions of John Williams' original score, instead using a combination of Williams' music and new music composed by Jesse Harlin. This new music takes on a more high-paced, gritty and vocal theme to the traditional Star Wars score, helping to immerse the player even more in the game.

The Mandalorian battle song Vode An (Brothers All) is also heard throughout several parts of the game, including the main menu and several battle sequences.

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