Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is a game that was released for the Nintendo 64 and PC. The story shows the missions that took place during the formation of Rogue Squadron led by Luke Skywalker between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, with the exception of the final level. Rogue Squadron is the first game in this three game series.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players assume the role of Luke Skywalker for the majority of the game with over ten vehicles to pilot. Throughout the game, the X-Wing is initially playable though other craft can be unlocked during the course of the game. Taking place in the skies, characters fly on an axis identical to that of the Vs. series though the controls are more akin to an arcade style game rather than a true flight simulator. Each craft is equipped with a set number of laser cannons and a secondary weapon. Depending on the ship, the fire rate of the vehicle varies from rapid fire to slow-rate. The fire rate itself can also be modified for more power by linking cannons, but this decreases the fire rate at the same time. The craft's health is represented by a Shield Meter, displayed at the right top corner of the screen. Depending on how much damage you take, it gradually tints from green to flashing red. If any more damage is taken beyond this point, your vehicle will crash, resulting in the loss of a life. Fighters with an R2 unit can slowly repair the Shield Meter and minimize life loss. However, they too have a breaking point and if the Shield Meter reaches the flashing point, the R2 unit will be destroyed, making shield repair impossible. After completing a mission, a tally result for your performance will be displayed. If certain conditions are surpassed, you will be awarded with either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal. Collecting a certain amount of medals will reward you with new missions and vehicles. If you clear all of the normal missions while obtaining medals, you can extend the game's ending celebration.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Rougue Personel[edit | edit source]

Other Rebels[edit | edit source]

Imperial[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Player vehicles[edit | edit source]

X-wing[edit | edit source]

The most balanced craft in the game and initially playable from the start. Boasting four laser cannons, six proton torpedoes and an R2 unit, this is the best recommended craft for beginners. It can close its S-Foils to attain greater speeds but it cannot fire its lasers in this state

Y-wing[edit | edit source]

The most heavily armored fighter in the fleet. The Y-Wing is used only in bombing missions and for good reason the Y-Wing in this game lacks the speed and blaster power for proper dogfighting. They're armed with twin laser cannons, 20 powerful proton bombs and a special topside ion cannon which is used for disabling targets. The ion cannon is the only weapon that can be charged up. First usable on Assault on Kile II

A-wing[edit | edit source]

The third fastest fighter in the game. While lightly armored, and thus, easier to destroy, it's much faster than most craft. It's armed with twin blaster cannons and 8 concussion missiles. First usable in Search for the Nonnah

Millennium Falcon[edit | edit source]

The second fastest fighter in the game as well as the most armored one. This behemoth boasts dual laser turrets that can decimate enemies in all directions and has an internal R2 unit, thus, it can always repair shield damage even beyond the breaking point. The downside to this is its immense size, making it an easy target. (Unlockable)

V-wing airspeeder[edit | edit source]

Featured exclusively in the comic book which the game was based on. It's slightly faster than the A-Wing. Because of its status as a speeder and it is unusable in the Battle Above Taloraan, its shields are pretty weak but it makes up for that with its devastating double laser cannons and its ability to hover along low altitude ground. By altering fire modes, it can utilize a Rapid Fire mode, though it needs to cool down if too many shots are fired at once. It also has special jet boosters that function as a Turbo ability. With six cluster missiles, this craft is well equipped for taking on multiple targets at once. First usable in Battle of Mon Calamari

N-1 Starfighter[edit | edit source]

A well-hidden unlockable craft which was only unveiled upon the release of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and can be used in any mission excluding the ones for Speeders. Despite being a relic of old times, it's easily the best fighter in the entire game. The vehicle boasts powerful twin rapid fire laser cannons, 6 proton torpedoes, amazing speed, the shields of the X-Wing, and an R2 unit. (Unlockable)

TIE Interceptor[edit | edit source]

Kasan Moor's captured TIE Interceptor. Like most TIEs, it lacks shielding, so it can be shot out of the air pretty easily. It also has no secondary weaponry, but it makes up for these with its rapid fire quadruple laser cannons and speed. (Unlockable)

T-16 Skyhopper[edit | edit source]

A simple transport craft and the weakest in the game. It's armed only with a singular laser cannon used for exterminating womprats as well as an ion cannon. Only usable in Beggar's Canyon

T-47 airspeeder[edit | edit source]

A fairly agile craft. Despite having twin laser cannons, it only has one firing mode. With only little shielding, one must take advantage of its speed. The vehicle is also equipped with the classic harpoon and tow cables used to trip AT-ATs off their feet, automatically destroying them. First usable in the mission Defection at Corellia.

AT-ST[edit | edit source]

Nicknamed the chicken walker. It's the only ground bound vehicle in the game and requires the use of the control stick to move, effectively making it the slowest vehicle in the game, armed with only two laser cannons. Playable on all missions, except Battle Above Talorran, with the use of a code in the PC version. The N64 version has a mission based around it.

Buick Electra[edit | edit source]

A joke vehicle that replaces the V-Wing model, complete with faint vrooming sounds. Based on the real life Buick Electra series, this car has the same abilities as the V-Wing. However, should the game be paused while using this craft, it will automatically crash. (Unlockable)

Nonplayer Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Starships[edit | edit source]

Walkers[edit | edit source]

Tanks[edit | edit source]

Trains[edit | edit source]

Aquatic[edit | edit source]

Superweapons[edit | edit source]

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Secrets[edit | edit source]

By playing through the game and achieving certain criteria, players can obtain medals (as well as increase their ranks). By obtaining medals for all of the normal missions, a bonus one will be unlocked as well as further extending the game's ending.

Medal Unlockables[edit | edit source]

  • Clearing all normal missions with a bronze level will unlock Beggar's Canyon, a unique racing level that exclusively uses the T-16 Skyhopper and extends the game's ending a little.
  • Clearing all normal missions with a silver medal will unlock the Death Star Trench Run, a derivative of the original Battle of Yavin's trench run segment and extends the game's ending a little to feature a roll call congratulatory message for all participating members of Rogue Squadron.
  • Clearing all normal missions with a gold medal will unlock the Battle of Hoth, another slight derivative of the original battle the same name. This also completes the ending by showing the unlockable craft plus the T-16 flying into the sky.
  • Clearing all bonus missions with a bronze medal will unlock the Millennium Falcon.
  • Clearing all bonus missions with a silver medal will unlock the TIE Interceptor.
  • Clearing every mission, including the bonus ones with a gold medal will unlock the ability to use every selectable ship in nearly every mission, the exclusion being those that feature the Speeder.

Passcodes (N64)[edit | edit source]

These are to be entered in the Passcodes screen located in the Options menu

  • IGIVEUP - Infinite Lives
  • ACE - Hard Mode
  • DEADDACK - All levels, including bonus ones unlocked
  • FARMBOY - Unlocks the Millennium Falcon
  • TIEDUP - Unlocks the TIE Interceptor. The Falcon must be unlocked first for it to be selectable
  • TOUGHBOY - All Upgrades unlocked
  • RADAR - Enhanced radar
  • DIRECTOR - Unlocks Showroom in the Options menu
  • MAESTRO - Unlocks the Concert Hall option in the Showroom
  • KOELSCH - Changes the V-Wing model into a Buick Electra (WARNING: Pausing the game while using this version of the V-Wing will crash the game after a few seconds during said period)
  • CREDITS - View credits roll
  • CHICKEN - Play a bonus mission using the AT-ST
  • HALIFAX? - !YNGWIE! - Unlocks the Naboo Starfighter.
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