Uthar Wynn was the leader of the Sith academy on Korriban during the Jedi Civil War.

When Revan was seeking the Star Maps a second time, Uthar was leader at the Sith academy. He originally planned to have whichever apprentice survived the trials fight his apprentice, Yuthura Ban, who had become too ambitious for his health.

Alternate Knights of the Old Republic EndingsEdit

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, there are several possible endings, depending on the player's choices up until that point.

  • The Double-Cross: Revan tells Uthar about Yuthura's betrayal, and recieves a poison to give to the chamberlain. Revan then sides with Uthar during the final test and fights Yuthura, who is weakened by the poison.
  • The Double-Double-Cross: Revan tells Yuthura about Uthar's double-cross, and Yuthura gives him a poison to give to Uthar. The player then sides with Yuthura and fights Uthar, who is weakened by the poison. The player can also give the poison to both and side with neither.
  • Siding with Uthar: Depending on the circumstances leading up to your fight against Yuthura, Uthar will either side with you or kill you for acting against him. If he sides with you, you will become a Sith, and if Korriban is completed after the Leviathon, Wynn will recognize the player as Revan, Dark Lord of the Sith, and devote the Academy to him.
  • Siding with neither: If the player decides not to side with either Yuthura or Uthar, there are two choices. The player can reveal his/her true identity of a Jedi (light side), or claim that they are the only true Sith (dark side).
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