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Visas Marr
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Old Republic era

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Visas Marr was a former Sith Apprentice to Darth Nihilus. She was a Miraluka, a near-human, blind, and rare race from the world Katarr. They were a Force-sensitive race.

Visas during her travels with the Jedi Exile

Personality and Traits[]

The Miraluka were acknowledged as individuals strongly committed to their chosen course of action, as was evidenced by Marr's dedication to help the Exile in stopping her former master. Nevertheless, the trauma of seeing her world die through the Force left Marr shattered and vulnerable, her Force Sight damaged. Darth Nihilus took advantage of this and twisted her psyche until she became utterly subservient and hopeless, disconnected from herself and life, a mere shell of a being.

Marr's defeat at the hands of the Exile proved to be the catalyst that allowed her to break Nihilus's hold over her and restore her own free will. She confessed to the Exile that the very fact that the Exile's nature had eluded her master gave her hope that he could be defeated. The search for the Jedi Masters reestablished Marr's connection to life and believing the Exile responsible for this, she vowed to protect her. Although she never quite lost her servile attitude, Marr's journey with the Exile allowed her to gain the confidence and self-respect that ultimately severed the final bond to her former master and enabled her to rediscover herself.

Powers and Abilities[]

Visas ike all of her species, the Miraluka, was born physically blind and instead relied on Force Sight to see the physical world, which included the ability to see through walls. Though this Force power was a characteristic of the Miraluka, it was not species restrictive and Marr would later teach its use to the Exile. Her sense of the Force was highly developed, as was evidenced by her detection of the Exile, from across the galaxy, during her time as apprentice to Darth Nihilus. The depth of her Force-sensitivity granted Marr the ability to manipulate the Force to move or control the direction of objects through space. This was commonly known as the "Jedi's object movement power," also referred to as telekinesis. The use of this talent included pulling and pushing objects with minimal effort. In addition, she may also have been a practitioner of farseeing, as she was able to 'see' the eventual showdown between her first and her final master.

Furthermore, Marr was highly skilled in the use of what were considered to be dark side powers, such as grasping and choking enemies, as well as unleashing raw dark-side energy. Her connection to the dark side gave her the use of Dark Healing, an ability that fueled regenerative processes by draining the life force of another. Marr's return to the light side following her defeat at the hands of the Exile allowed her to continue training as a Jedi Sentinel. Because of her training as a Jedi Sentinel, she was later given a yellow-bladed lightsaber by the Exile, which served to extend her knowledge of lightsaber combat.


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