Two wampas on Hoth.

Wampas are large, humanoid animals that live in the ice caves of the planet Hoth. Wampas tend to eat tauntauns and other animals unfortunate enough to wander into their paths.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIEdit

In Battlefront II, Wampas appear on the Hunt mode for Hoth, where you can play as the Rebels opposing them or as the Wampas themselves. The rebels will have numbers, trenches and lots of turrets on their side However, the Wampas possess extreme health, requiring 3-4 bursts from blaster rifles to go down, as well as very high speed and very fast claw attacks that are instant-kill against rebels and their turrets alike. They're also able to kill rebel troops by simply trampling them. They appear in white and brown varieties, a purely cosmetic difference.

Star Wars: Jedi AcademyEdit

Three wampas appear on the Hoth mission: one at the very beginning and two more at the second cave section. They have got high health and instant-kill melee attacks. They're also quite fast, though they can be outrunned. As such, they're one of the few enemies in the entire games that require the use of ranged weaponry. The blaster rifle works quite well, being a lot better then the machine gun weapon.

Star Wars: Empire at WarEdit

In the Empire at War, Wampas appear on the Assault on Hoth map, where they're spawned by the Wampa Cave every 5-7 minutes until it is destroyed. They possess considerable health, speed and melee damage, killing soldiers in one hit and doing considreable damage to vehicles (especially since their attacks bypass shielding on 2-M and T2-B Repulsor Tanks.) Heroes and massed vehicle attacks will kill them off quite quickly, though. The Cave itself possesses pretty high health and will require a vehicle quadron to be destroyed at reasonable speed.

It should be noted that the Empire can use the Force Corrupt ability of Mara Jade to corrupt one of the Wampas early on. Doing so will grant you a powerfuhat is best sent against the Rebel Communications Array and Power Generator in the upper-right corner of the map, as it will lose health at a fixed rate and won't have enough left to truly impact the rebel forces.


  • Wampas in Battlefront II strangely resemble the Albino Wookiees with the exception of having horns protruding from their heads.
  • They also resemble the Yetis of Asian legend.


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