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Yuthura Ban was the second-in-command of the Sith Academy during the Jedi Civil War, just under Uthar Wynn. She was a classic Sith, plotting against her Master and always looking for an opportunity to rise above him.

Yuthura found the opportunity she was looking for when Revan came to the Academy as a hopeful. She offered him a high position in the Academy in exchange for his help with disposing of Wynn at the final trial. Her plan the entire time, however, was to kill Uthar and then dispose of Revan, securing her place as the strongest in the Academy.

Alternate KotOR endingsEdit

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, there are several possible endings, depending on the player's choices up until that point.

  • The Double-Cross: Revan tells Uthar about Yuthura's betrayal, and recieves a poison to give to the chamberlain. Revan then sides with Uthar during the final test and fights Yuthura, who is weakened by the poison.
  • The Double-Double-Cross: Revan tells Yuthura about Uthar's double-cross, and Yuthura gives him a poison to give to Uthar. The player then sides with Yuthura and fights Uthar, who is weakened by the poison. The player can also give the poison to both and side with neither.
  • Siding with Yuthura: If the player sides with Yuthura, she will aid Revan in defeating Uthar. However, she will then attack the player in an effort to keep herself in power. Once she is defeated, the player can talk her into joining the Jedi, after which she will renounce her title and flee, which gives the player Light Side points. The player can also choose to let her live, which also gives the player Light Side points. The third option is to kill her after defeating her, which gives the player Dark Side points.
  • Siding with neither: The player can also side with neither, in which they need to fight both Sith. This can be done by revealing that the player is a Jedi (light side), or by claiming that the player is the only true Sith (dark side).

Notes on the alternate endingsEdit

  • All storylines can end with Revan killing either Uthar or Yuthura, or both.
  • Each storyline can end with recieving Dark Side points or Light Side points.

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